Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolution My Way

Considering how exited we are about New Years Resolutions, and the important promises we make to ourselves at the last moments of an old year, I have come to the conclusion to make a new tradition for this day.

A No Setting Any Kind of Goal Day (besides from planning my day-to-day activities that is of course)


Because for such a long time, this day has been looked forward to with mixed emotions.
What resolutions should I make? Will I keep them? Will I disappoint myself again?

Drop it!

Any day, every day, is an opportunity to start over. Assigning a day to resolutions, only did one thing: Make you feel bad about yourself!

Now you tell me, how that helped you, or anyone else? It does not, because this fear of failure only does two things:

Brings down your self-esteem,
Brings fear of the future.

My conclusion to that is, that until we learn, that every day, every moment is a new opportunity to start all over again, and to begin creating the life of our dreams, this day will be my NO GOAl DAY!

Let's enjoy some fireworks, and have a party, and be thankful for the moments that we are spending time together today.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
813 - 531 - 8379

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quote for the Ladies

"Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away."
Barbara De Angelis

Have fun with food!

Eating should have a large place in the enjoyment and pleasure of live! (Which does not mean to use food as a substitute for pleasure - more on that in another article)

Having fun eating, yes, playing with your food is a great way to bring back the smile into what should always have been a pleasurable experience - nourishing your body and senses.

Here are a few ways to bring fun to the table:

1. Eat outside - your porch, your balcony, or a park. Have a picnic.

2. Eat with people that make your feel good about yourself - people that accept you as you are now.

3. Try something new!
Buy something at the store, that you never bought before (as long as it is considered healthy), such as a new fruit, or a different whole-grain cereal. You will find some real treasures just by stepping out of your usual comfort zone.

4. Make a kitchen sink soup!
Put together a variety of vegetables, some stock, and add a small amount of lean beef or smoked, lean sausage, and you have yourself a nutritious dinner or lunch. The possibilities for combinations are endless.

5 Have a food fight! (You might want to take that outside, to the back yard!)

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Friday, December 28, 2007

Affirmations About Food!

Replacing negative statements with positive affirmations are a easy, free way to begin the re-shaping of the thought-process regarding food.
Here are some examples on how to re-place a negative statement into a positive affirmation:

Negative Statement: Positive Statement:
I am getting bigger. I am taking charge!

I do not like healthy foods Healthy eating is fun and tasty!
It is fun to try out new foods!

It does not matter what I eat, I control my body!
I have bad genes

I love to eat! I love to eat healthy foods!

I like sweets I choose sweets wisely!

These portions are too small. I enjoy every bite, slowly!
I take my time to eat!

Affirmations might not sound like a true statement to you right now. Keep in mind thought, that our words become our thoughts, our thoughts bundled become our feelings, and our feelings create our reality!

Therefore even if a statement does not ring true as you are saying it, ban the negative thoughts out of your head, and proclaim the affirmations anyway!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

How do you think about food?

How do you speak, and think about food?

What is your thought-process,when eating? Take a moment to think about what I just asked you. What thoughts do you associate with eating? What words come out of your mouth, when you talk about food?

The relationship you have with food, with thought and words, has a lot to do, with how you feel about yourself, your body image, your weight and your health.
How you think about food, determines, how you eat, what you eat, how much you eat, and how you will feel while eating.

If you go to your food with an attitude of, it needs to fill you quickly, then the what, that you are putting into your mouth, and the flavor of what you are putting in your mouth is less likely to be of high quality.

If you go toward food, as a comfort, it will play that role, while you will pick anything that raises that serotonin, which is fine in moderation, but only in moderation. You know what I am talking about, the chocolate, the cookies, the other sweets, you seem to not be able to stay away from.

If you go toward food, as a booster of energy, you will pick differently. You will pick the apple, or that smoothie, have a dense plate of whole-wheat pasta with fresh pesto. And it will feel good.

If you go toward food, with gratefulness of every bite, and with joy, you will slow down, enjoy, and savor each meal, satisfaction through slow enjoyment. You will feel relaxed, and choose flavor, scent and an experience as a whole. You will be filled after less bites, because you gave your body time to experience the pleasure of food.

How you look at what you eat, makes a large difference in how you will experience food intake, what you choose, and how you will feel.

So, how would you learn to control that?

Here are some quick tips:

1. Set your intend, before you make the food, or go out to eat.

2. Either eat alone, or around people that relax you, and share a similar approach to food, that you are trying to achieve.

3. Take your time, at least once a day, to really look at what you are eating. Smell the food, look at it, smile at it appreciate it. Slow down.

4. Be truly grateful for each bite. As I already explained, that will slow you down as well, and begin to get you focused on what you are doing. Be truly present.

5. Turn off the distractions. Never, never eat in front of the TV, or while listening to music, or reading a book. If you are dining with someone else, talk about how great the food is, share that experience of being present.

In order to truly become in charge of your eating experience, you must be in control of how you think about the situation. Change begins with a thought, and a set intend, a goal, may it be living healthier or loosing a particular weight. It starts in your head.

For more information on Motivational Coaching, and how to life a healthy, balanced life, contact me, Claudia Blanton, at 813 - 531 - 8379 or via email at

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Healthy Eating - Product Reviews

Hi Everyone!

It is time again, to try out some new foods! I found some really good things over the last few days, so let me share my experiences with you!

Again, a reminder, that all the products listed here, have to follow under the following categories:

1. Be organic
2. Indicated that they are healthier choices on their packaging,
3. Are whole-grain
4. If non-food idem, they have to be a "green"product.

Here is my list:

1. Nutri Grain Whole Wheat Eggo Pancakes
4 Stars!
Nice flavor, I can not tell the difference between them, and the regular ones, but what I do not like, is what they consider one serving : 3 Pancakes? That is a large serving, and promotes overeating!
I recommend eat one of them, top it with fruit, applesauce or yogurt and you have yourself a great breakfast!

2. Breakstone Reduced Fat Sour Cream
5 Stars!
I can not tell the difference between to original and the reduced fat one. I am sticking with the reduced fat version from now on!

3. Ken's Lite Accents Balsamic Vinaigrette Spritzer
5 Stars!
This is my favorite product of this month! Wonderful flavor, only 1 Calorie per Serving, makes eating a salad an culinary experience. I had everyone in my family try it out, and they all agree, even the kids! It is a winner!

4. Oatmeal to go from Quaker Brown Sugar Cinnamon
4 Stars.
Okay, I will not eat those things for breakfast, but as an alternative to a regular cookie or another sweet snack, when I need something to hold me over between meals, it is really good! It has allot of calories per serving, and each square is pretty large, so my daughter and I usually share one. So if you are watching your calorie intake precede with caution. Flavor is great, if you like it sweet! Nice, dense consistency.

That is all for this time! I am hoping you have enjoyed my review. If you have any special products, you would like me to try, and they fall into my categories, please feel free to contact me!

Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Benefits of Taking Yoga Classes

I have been practicing Yoga now for almost a year, and I have to say, that it has benefited me tremendously.
Recommending the practice of Yoga to my clients, and friends is easy, as the benefits are many.

1. Better Breathing:
Practicing slower, and deeper breaths during the Yoga practice helps to improve lung function and aids relaxation.

2. Increased Flexibility:
Through the increased challenges, Yoga poses improve mobility and extend your range of motion.

3. Cardiovascular Health:
Yoga lowers the resting heart rate, increasing your endurance.

4. Focusing on Now:
Yoga focuses you on the moment, and helps you become more aware of your body.

5. Pain relief:
Some poses (guided by a professional) have been known to reduce pain of chronic conditions.

6. Increased strength:
The slow movements of Yoga are a subtle but effective strength training.

7. Improved circulation:
The variety of the poses help to improve the oxygenated blood flow, and help the circulation to work more efficiently.

Find an accredited Yoga instructor in your area, get familiar with his/her practice and have fun! Keep in mind, that Yoga is beneficial for children as well. My daughter has been practicing with me now for the last 6 months, and she is usually the one now that asks for our daily practice!

Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Oprah Quotes

Here are some of the inspiring things the Queen of Talk Shows shared with us:

"I have a lot things to prove myself. One is that I can live my life fearlessly."

"We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are."

"I've learned not to worry about what might come next."

"Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. do better the second time. The only people who ever tumble never mount the high wire."

"I knew there was a way out. I knew there was another kind of life because I had read about it. I knew there were other places, and there was another way of being."

Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are You Using Your Skills?

As I am writing to you each day, about living a healthy and balanced life, you have received vital information on how to transform yourself into who you want to become.

The news, all media, television and books are filled with information on how to improve your well being.

What I am wondering about is, with all that knowledge you are acquiring, why do some of my readers and readers of other health related blogs, embrace this knowledge to make major changes, while others will store this information without implementing it into your life style?

Are you embracing yourself as a priority, enough to take care of the only mind, body and soul, you will have?

Or is everything else more important at the moment, so that you hardly have time to eat and sleep, not even talking about thinking and eating healthy?

Stop! Hold on a second!

Make yourself a priority today!

If this feels selfish, then think about the following truths:

The more you take care of yourself, the more you are able to accomplish, for others, your family, and all the other obligations, which are now your first on the list.

The more you take care of yourself, the more likely you are focused, when you are needed.

The more you take care of yourself, make your goals important, the more abundance you have to share.

The more you take care of yourself, the more you are teaching others, that they can too, and not by using empty words, but by example.

No more excuses! No more reading, and not doing!

Take charge today!

Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Health Benefits of Tea

Tea, expspecially during the winter season, is comforting and relaxing. At the same time the knowledge of the health benefits of tea is spreading. Let this be a quick reminder of the essential benefits of tea:

Green Tea:

Benefits are
aids digestion
prevents cancer
aids heart-health

Oolong Tea:

Benefits are
lowering cholesterol
combats fatigue
aids digestions
aids heart-health

Herbal Tea:

Herbal teas have a variety of health benefits, depending on the type of tea. Here is a short list of common teas:

1. Fennel: improves appetite
eliminates flatulence
soothes colds

2. Chamomile: soothes stomachs
calms nerves
induces sleep

3. Strawberry: relieves diarrhea
eases arthritis and rheumatism

4. Sage: improves digestion
eases lung congestion and coughs

Adding teas to your daily regimen is a great way to easily and gently improve your overall health!
Stay happy, stay healthy, stay strong! Set your intend!

Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have discovered a few truths in my life lately, that go somewhat against, what I have been brought up to believe, but are now become my core believes.

Here the are:

The more I learn to love myself, the more I learned to love others for who they truly are.

The less religious I become, the closer I have become to God.

The more passionate, and harder I work on what I love to do, the more energy I have, and the more I get done.

Think about it, and see what truths you can discover for yourself!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
813 531 8379

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Say It Out Loud!

In order to improve a relationship, there are a few sentences that can make a big difference if used more often.
While it is impossible to influence another persons actions, thoughts or reality beyond of what they allows us to, we can never less extend our self, through a kindness that is expressed with the following list of sentences:

I trust you.
Tell your child, or someone else who you care about you trust them, and you can see the effect in their eyes.

Thank you.
Never underestimate the power of Gratitude, not only directed toward your higher power, but in the context of connecting with another person. A simple Thank you, or a note can reach over gasps, that might have been created in the past.

Go for it.
Encouragement, instead of criticism. Too many times are we ready to point out, why someone should not do, what they are setting out to do. Encouragement means not to judge the situation, either as positive or negative, but it means to allow others to see that they have a choice to dream, and to reach.

I believe in you.
If you believe in the ability of another person, say it out loud. Just say it, shout it out to them, to others. These four words can be a booster of motivation, that can reach far beyond, what you are envisioning now. Tell someone today.

I love you.
In romantic relationships, this term might be overused, but why not tell your Mom, your Dad,or your kids, that you love them. What is wrong with greeting your Grandmother with a hug, expressing love toward them? Extend yourself, say the words that many regret never to have said, until it was too late. Call someone you love today, just to say "I love you."

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Your Motivational Coach
813 - 531 - 8379

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Statements - Choices

"One comes to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement to be true or false. It comes to be dominating thoughts in one's mind."
Robert Collier

This is a reality which many realize by using Affirmations.

What do you want to think about today?

What statement can you "re-write" for yourself, so that a new truth can be in your life? Your thoughts and your statements are what your reality will be like in the future. So if it is your choice, why not choose gratitude, joy, love, laughter, fun, strength, self-confidence, determination?

Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, December 14, 2007


Hi Everyone!

I want to invite you to my Talk-Shoe Radio Show "Joy in Living" for tomorrows episode! Join me Saturday, December 15, 2007 for an episode titled

"Joyful - Grateful - Appreciate the Abundance!"

at 2:30 pm EST!

Joining in during the live show is easy!

How to participate:

Call in:
1. Dial (724) 444-7444
2. Enter 55117# (which is the talk cast ID)
3. Enter 1 # or your PIN

You can also join me from the computer by logging in:

If you are missing or have missed this show, you can listen to a recording of the episode shortly after the live-show ended, using the same link above!

Talk to you soon!


Featured Foundation of the Week!

Friday, Featured Foundation of the Week Time! Join me in Giving Back!

This weeks Featured Foundation is:

Asha for Education!

Mission Statement:

To provide education to underpriviliged children in India

Asha is a secular organisation, which is dedicated to change, by focusing on basic education, as a critical requisite for socio-economic change.

Contact Information: (direct link provided to the right)

Asha for Education
P.O. Box 322
New York, NY 10010

Thank You!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Christmas Tradition - Gluehwein

Growing up around German Christmas Markets, a special drink named Gluehwein was a stable, and widely available.
During these cold winter days, a cup of this hot drink warmed hands and insides.

Here is an easy to follow recipe, so you can enjoy Gluehwein yourself!

Fill a cup with red wine (try a heavier variety, but your favorite works fine as well), and put it into a small cup.
Add a cinamon stick, 2-3 cloves and a slice of lemon.
Heat the ingridients - do not bring to a boil!
Let the drink rest for about 2 minutes, then strain.
Add one or more tea-spoons of sugar to taste (originally this drink is served quite sweet!)
Serve in a pre-warmed cup.


You can use orange slices instead of lemon for a little less tart flavor

Have a wonderful day!

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A Quote for You

"No matter what lays ahead, if you have to eat today, mix good cheer with friends today, then enjoy it and bless God for it. Do not look back on happiness or dream of it in the future. You are only sure of today; do not let yourself be cheated of it."

Henry Ward Beecher

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Poduct Reviews! Let's be Adventures and Try Something New!

Hi Everyone!

I get a thrill out of discovering new ways of doing things, and new ways of staying healthy, and sharing what I found out! So, here are a few products that I have tried recently. All of them have to follow under one of the following categories to be listed here:

a) Indicate that they are healthy, in one form or another on the package.
b) Are organic
c) Are whole grain products
d) Are environmental friendly

Here is the list:

1. DiGorno Harvest Wheat Supreme Pizza
5 Stars!
Very good pizza, if you do like a thicker crust (that is why I end up getting three different pizzas in my house on pizza night, we all disagree on the crust thickness).

2. Wheat Thins Multi Grain
5 Stars!
These crackers are great! The crunch and flavor is perfect for substituting chips in a snack attack, and they are versatile. Get creative! Satisfying!

3. 100 Calorie Pack Chips Ahoy Chewy Cereal Bars
4 Stars!
I prefer the Quaker version of the chocolate chip bars (90 calorie version). Still, not bad.

Here is a non-food idem:
4. Basic H2 from Shaklee (concentrated multi-purpose cleaner)
5 Stars!
Okay Oprah is right! I have first been made curious about this product, watching Oprah, and she was all exited. Now I am as well. Shaklee products are all environmentally friendly, and are worth their price! They even offer free samples!
Here is a link: Check it out!
(for more info, I posted a link to the right, where you can watch Oprah getting all exited about a cleaner! Worth watching! Very entertaining!)

Hope you are having as much fun, trying out the new stuff, as I had sharing this info with you!

Have a wonderful, happy, balanced day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Years Resolution - Why Do They Fail?

As the end of the year approaches, more and more people surrounding me are talking about their New Years Resolution for 2008. While I do not participate, and haven't in years, because I set my resolutions or intend on a daily basis, I became very curious why so many resolutions fail.

Here are a few things I have learned during my research:

1. The goals are too unrealistic.
Wanting to loose 40 pounds by March, without a personal trainer and major support team is not very likely. Giving up is determined before you have even started.

2. The resolutions were made last minute.
You are standing at the New Years Eve party and the count-down will start in five minutes. Your friend asks you what your resolution is, and your answer, "quit smoking" and quickly toss the cigarette.

3. Resolutions are based on impulse.
See explanation # 2

4. The Pain of Quitting is larger then the Pain of Continuing
Your bad habit fills good, but quitting takes strength. It does not feel good to you stop something your body craves, let's be realistic here.

5. They sabotage themselves with negative self-talk.
Sentences like "I can always quit: or "maybe just one donut." are not helping your. Self-talk can be damaging and limiting.

6. Resolutions lack detail.
I want a new job, is a great resolution, but not very detailed. Would you be able to find the job that is great for you, if it where right in front of you, if you can not even describe it to yourself?

Have a wonderful day, contemplating your Resolutions for 2008!

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Monday, December 10, 2007


"Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we did not die; so let us all be thankful."

If you look hard enough, there is plenty to be thankful for. Gratitude is a choice of attitude. It is not limited to Thanksgiving, that just passed us, or the Holiday Season.
You are in charge of what you are thinking about, you mind as well choose something that is beneficial to you.

Studies have been conducted on the health benefits of being thankful.

More so, as a part of being an active co-creator, you attract more, if you thank more. This has nothing to do with religion, or faith, or upbringing, only to do with choice. This choice is ours.

Make the best of it.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Easy Ways to Add Nutrition to Your Day!

Here are a few quick tips on adding some extra nutritional value to your life.

* Serve fresh fruit with pancakes instead of syrup.

* Add whole-wheat oatmeal to your pancake batter, and top with apple sauce (the unsweetened kind, or better from your homemade batch)

* Use whole-wheat tortilla chips with salsa as a snack, or switch to a soy chip, or rice cakes as a substitution for regular chips

* have a bowl of whole-grain cereal as a snack

* always eat whole grain bread, better yet, get a bread machine and make your own, maybe add nuts to your batter, ban the white stuff!

* add carrot puree to your spaghetti sauce, or meat loaf

* use canned pumpkin in cakes instead of the suggested fat (oil or butter)

Use this post as an inspiration to look closer to where you can add or substitute an ingredient. Experiment with your food, try out new things, look for labels that indicate a more health conscious choice. Try them out! Step out there and be adventures. Food is fun! Experimenting is fun! Trying new things is fun!

Have a wonderful day

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

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Saturday, December 8, 2007


What are you passionate about?

That feeling of being exhilarated, that tingling in every part of your being, which propels you forward with such a force, that all the obstacles crumble beneath the power of your passion.

If you know your passion, GO FOR IT! Do what makes you feel alive, lights your fire, makes your time go by faster, and which you could do forever, if you had the time!

May it be making culinary delights, like my husband, or may it be teaching others to soar above what they thought possible - which is mine.


The world will be a better place, just because you, more of you, lived your life doing what you desire to do!

If you have not discovered your passion, set your intend to finding it.

Ask to be shone what makes your heart sing. Be on the lookout, because now that you have asked, you will find it.

Time to light that fire!

Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Featured Foundation of the Week!

Hi Everyone!
Like every Friday, it is time to give back (or forward), and feature a Foundation!
This weeks Foundation is:

Help Brings Hope For Haiti

This Foundations mission is to fund education for poor families in Haiti, establishing medical care, and assisting those families to become self-sufficient.

For more information on this Foundation, contact them directly at (link provided on the right)
or by writing them at:

2617 Prospect Rd.
Tampa, Florida 33629

Donations as well as volunteers are welcome!

Thank you!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I am sure, if you are like many of us, you have made a wishlist or received one in the last few weeks. Wishlists are a fun way to let someone know what you want, children know the effects, and aparently so do some major online companies, as you can publish your own wishlists, in places like

But have you made a wishlist for your life?

Goal-lists are in a sense a wishlist, for what you want to receive in life. You are asking, in detail what you want to have, achieve, experience.

Do you have a goal-list?

If you do not, make one today. Do not delay, as you have to ask for what you want in order to receive. Again, children are a natural at that fact. They know, they ask, constantly.

How detailed is your list?

Does your list cover all areas of your life? If you haven't take your time to check each of them today, thinking about what you really desire.

Dare to dream, dare to set goals. Set your intend.

And while you are setting your goals, make sure you intend some time for yourself.

Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I want to extend my invitation to all my readers to join me at my new Yahoo Group
"Bits of Motivation"!

Are you ready to get motivated? Then this group is right for you! Whatever stage you are in your life, inspiration and motivation are always welcome. Share your stories of inspiration, or ask for advice. The dynamics of learning from each other, are exhilarating, and can open the possibilities toward the new way of living you are looking forward to!
Let's set goals, and achieve our dreams!

Join me at (or use the link to the right!)

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Core Jobs of an Abundant Life

In order to have a life of your dreams, there are a few core jobs, that need to be realized, to be fully productive in their process of co-creation:

1. Aquiring Knowledge
The more you know, the more informed choices you can make. Learn about finances, budgeting, time managment, organizing or whatever other information pertains to your situation and goal. Go to the expert, learn and watch.

2. Ask for Abundance
You can only receive what you asked for. Ask large, be bold, be specific.

3. Believe That You Will Receive
You would not by a lottery ticket, if you would not see a chance of winning, even if slim, would you? Do not set yourself up for failure by missing this step! You got to believe, what you asked for is possible. No knowing how you will get there, that is not your job, that belongs to the Universe, only that you will!

4. Be Grateful
It makes you feel good, because you are focusing on what is already great in your life, and with that raises your vibration to receive more.

5. Take Inspired Actions
If you feel the urge to take an action, then do it! Your inner wisdom and energy will guide yo toward actions you need to take to reach your goals! Listen to your intution! Do it!

6. Creating the Possibility of Abundance for Others
By being open and accepting of others alone (remember the law of acceptance!), you can raise the possibility of abundance for otherse. It is possible to increase that effect by giving more, whichin return will raise your own vibration. Giving forward brings joy and satisfaction.

Use those steps daily and wisely. Keep your eye on what you want, and go for it! It is time to claim the live you are able to life. Start today!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Inspiration - What inspires you?

Motivation and Inspiration are, while related quite difference.

Motivation is what keeps you going after the initial spark. It is what carries you through to the next step, even if life through distractions at you.

Inspiration on the other hand, is that spark that ignites the passion. It is what makes you set your intend in the first place, making you take a step toward action.

So, I am asking you today: What inspires you?

Make a list, write it down, and look at it for a moment. Some of those inspirations will come from within, some from outside sources.

Why am I asking you to do this?

Because I want you to look at your list a little closer. Pick one thing, anything of that list, and do that! Go ahead, let yourself get inspired today, to take an action toward change, may it be a change within you or an action that changes a part of your world.

Take a step, get inspired, do something, today.

A life lived full of passion, is a life lived to the fullest.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Featured Foundation of the Week!

While any other time of the week, I am assisting you, my readers and my clients to life the live of your dreams, and reach your potential, on Fridays, it is time to give back.

This week I have chosen the following Foundation:

The Children's Home

The Children's Home is a child and family oriented organisation, which is assisting children who are coming from abusive background, and/or have been abandoned, in receiving treatment, establishing the basis of an education and permanent placement within a foster family or ultimately being adopted.

Since 1892, this Foundation has been privileged to assist over 25,000 children through their therapeutic services.

For more information visit their website at (direct link provided to the right)

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today's Food Review

Yes, today I am reviewing some more healthy foods, as I believe that staying motivated to achieve an healthy, balanced lifestyle, is more likely to be achieved when it is made easy.

So for all my readers, who want to eat more healthy, here is my review of the last few days of testing products (better me then you?)

Here is my list:

Chocolate Life Oat Crunch from Quaker

3 1/2 Stars
My daughter did not like this cereal. My opinion is, that while the idea is great, the quality of the chocolate pieces should be better. If I only get a little bit of chocolate, then I want it to be good.

Philadelphia Creme Cheese 1/3 less fat

5 Stars!
I can not taste the difference between this product and the full-fat version. So why buy the other one! Just as creamy as the original.

Smart Taste Ronzoni Rotini Pasta

5 Stars!
Tastes wonderful, looks like regular pasta, and has 30 % of DV of calcium as well as 25 % of DV of fiber. Toss with a vegetable based sauce and you have a powerhouse of a meal. I am impressed.

Another quick idea:

Ever since Seinfeld's wife on Oprah proclaimed her puree-filled cooking, I have tried what she suggested on the show. I do not buy cookbooks, as I do not follow recipes, but if I would buy one, then it is hers. I love the idea, having added purees to just about everything, from cakes and cookies (as fat-substitute and texture enhancer) to main dishes and sauces. Unsuspecting husband and neighbors are all coming back for more (considering that my husband is a cook, I am very happy with myself, if I get him to rave about anything I make). The only one who knew is my daughter, who volunteers for veggies any day, and grins as if she knew it would taste good.
So, if you are a cook book enthusiast, buy it! If you like to experiment, just go for it and become creative!

Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's All In The Point Of View

In the process of co-creation, it is important to keep a high vibration in order to stay connected with your desires and to bring into your life, what you have intended to manifest.
But how do you do that in daily life, when duties come along, exspecially ones that you dislike?

It is all in the point of view.

Take cleaning your house for example:

Cleaning house ban be looked at two ways:
1. A chore or
2. A great exercise (scrub the floor real good!), while you are getting a clean house as a bonus.

The only difference in that is the point of view. Same chore.

Another example:

Standing in line at the store can be viewed as:
1. A waste of time or
2. Time to repeat affirmations

Dealing with grumpy people is a
1. Nussance
2. An opportunity to practice kindness and acceptance

I could take this list further, but you can see by those examples, that you can turn a situation into a different experience by switching your point of view.

Try it!

Have a wonderful day!

Want more to read? check out my other blogs at and

Monday, November 26, 2007

Today's Intend

As you set your intend for today, I ask you to include two more actions to your list.

1. Intend to enjoy what you are putting in your mouth
2. Intent to be nice to yourself.

Strange request? I do not think so.
Let me elaborate.

1. Intend to enjoy what you are putting in your mouth.
So many times, we rush, rush to go to work, school, drop of the kids, pick them back up, work, act, do, so we eat on the run.
Okay, I have days where I don't have the time sit down doing nothing, while I am eating, but at least one bite of each meal, I dedicate to myself.
What do I mean with that?
Each meal, I take one bite, and actually take my time to taste it, feel it's consistency, it's flavor. I enjoy the moment, the scent of the food. I am there for that moment, present at my actions. And then I say thanks. (Should I really write again about the importance of DAILY gratitude? Maybe later)
It only takes a second. Be present.

2. Intend to be nice to yourself.
Today, as you think yourself through your reality, and take the actions, you think are necessary, take your time to be nice to yourself. Ban all negative thoughts about yourself out of your head.
If you feel a negative thought coming your way, dismiss it and repeat an affirmation.
Here a few suggestions:

I love myself
I am magnificent
I speak my truth
I am strong

Repeat each sentence 3 to 5 times until you feel it. Let yourself feel good. You are a magnificent powerful being, allow yourself to feel that way.

So today, as you go about your day, I want to remind you of how great you really are.

Have a wonderful day!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Healthy Eating - Too Expensive?

Okay, I am curious about an article I recently read. While I forgot to bookmark the article, so you just going to have to take my word for it (sorry) or find me a link to it, I will not forget it's basic statement.

Eating healthy is too expensive for lower-income citicens.

My first reaction was disbelieve, but now I am motivated to find out if that is true.
So, I will challenge myself and my readers to come up with prove or disprove of this theory.

For now, as I am scanning through my own kitchen, and recall my shopping habbits, I have compiled a list of observations, in the price versus health department:

1. Apples and bananas are a staple in my household, and they are cheap

2. Oatmeal is another staple, again cheap and healthy.

3. There is no price difference between whole milk and lower fat or non-fat milk, so buy the lesser fat one.

4. There is always some kind of Cheerios or Total on sale, often cheaper then the other cereals with questionable ingriedients (aren't they for free on WIC?)

5. Dried beans, lentils are always in my house, are very cheap, very nutritious, and are easy to prepare (use the crockpot, or ask me for some recipes)

6. Carrots, cabbage, zuchini, onion, potatoes, I can think of many ways to make some kind of healthy meal out of those ingredients, again cheap.

Conclusion for today:
A bag of chips doesn't me fill up, a baked potato does. The baked potato is cheaper.
In my opinion, the misconception of healthy food being expensive, comes from the misconception that organic food is expensive.
Again wrong. I find that at times organic foods are cheaper, or at least the same price then the regular counterparts.

Second Conclusion:
May it be that some people might not know how to prepare a meal properly, so it is healthy? Then this is something that can be fixed. Education is also cheap, I will give tips away for free, if it helps you live longer, healthier and happier. (I feel an e-book coming my way).

What is your conclusion, or opinion on that subject?
Love to hear from you!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Featured Foundation of the Week!

As my regular readers know, Fridays are they days where I feature a Foundation or Charity on my website, as well as my blogs.

This weeks Featured Foundation is:

School on Wheels!

The Mission:

to enhance the educational opportunities for homeless children.

By offering services such as:

* One-one-One tutoring
* giving of backpacks and school supplies
* assistance with records
* guidance of the parents

this charity has as a goal to provide the highest possible education and reduce the gaps between the homeless children and their peers.

Contact Information:

School on Wheels Inc. (Main Office)
28128 Pacific Coast Highway
# 192
Malibu, CA 90265
Phone: (310) 589 - 2642
(direct link provided to the right)

Thank you!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Peace and Love


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Do You Know?

When we are asked to let the Universe, God, or Higher Power know what we want, we are asked to be specific, and clear at our goals. We are ask, to take actions, if we are guided to do so.
Then nothing happens.
Do you know the step you are missing?

Letting it be.

I do not mean, forget about what you wanted, or not take actions, but something else, that is much more powerful of a part of this co-creation process, that I think it should be stressed over and over again to people.

Believe that it is.

You asked didn't you? Now believe!

I mean truly believe, not say you are, believing that money is coming your way, then hording every penny as if the end of the world is only preventable by saving everything you have.
No, I mean, your actions, your thoughts have to reflect that believe.
Even though I do not consider myself a Christian, I know that some of my readers are, and it says in the Bible "Ask and You shall receive."
It does not say, ask, then doubt. It says if you ask, have faith, because you asked for it, and the Universe (God) will answer.
Unanswered prayers are not a result of a decision made for us, but a decision of ourselves not to truly believe, that what we are asking for will actually become true.
Think of all the times in your life, when you just "knew" something would be, because you had faith, and it did happen. Well, it was, because you dropped doubt, and replaced it with "knowing".
Call it faith, call it believing, but it is all the same.

So the next time you are asking for anything, stop and ask yourself something else.

Do you "know" it will be as you asked? Trust!

Peace and Love

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Treat Yourself Today - Holiday Stress Relief

Thanksgiving is around the corner, the holiday season about to be here, and the to do list is mounting.
Time to take a break!
Throw the kids and the husband out of the house (or ban them from entering whatever part of your house you designate as your temporary sanctuary) and pick something from the list to treat yourself!

1. Meditate
A few minutes of guided meditation is a wonderful relaxation technique, stress relief, and memory booster all at once (a link to a free meditation course is on the right!)

2. Pour yourself a cup of hot herbal tea
The health benefits (antioxidants) of herbal, green and white teas are widely known. The preparation for a hot cup of tea slows you down, calms, relaxes. Enjoy!

3. Listen to your favorite music
Great music is an instant mood lifter!

4. Smile
Take a few deep breaths and put a smile on your face. Smiling relaxes your face muscles and releases the tension in your shoulders. Smile for 30 seconds, counting, deep breathing.

5. Watch a funny show
Watching something that makes you laugh out loud have an instant effect of relaxation, while you are creating an experiences you can smile about later.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season!

Your Motivational Coach!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Product Reviews - Healthy Living Can Be Fun!

We have tested new products, which I wanted to share with you.
As always, products featured here, have to indicate in some form to be healthy, or be a product used to enhance your well-being.

Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Instant Brown Rice
Yes! My favorite rice at the moment (and I am loyal), whole grain, fast, and easy, it does not get any better then this for a busy family! Tastes yummy
5 Stars!

Quaker Mini Delights Buttered Popcorn

This 90 Calorie Pack is my daughters favorite! She really enjoys it's buttery taste, while I am not to crazy about it (looks like a miniature rice cake to me). But kids seem to like it, it beats salty, greasy chips anytime!
4 Stars!

Mestermacher Sunflower Seed Bread
Wow, I am impressed. This bread makes a great sandwich, with any cold cut or cheese, delicious! It is kosher, high in fiber, wheat free, and has no preservatives!
5 Stars!

I also wanted to include this great CD I came across!

Robert Morgen's Easy Introduction to Meditation
This CD is a great gift for anyone who is interested in meditation. Pleasantly guided meditations are a wonderful introduction into a regular practice.
For more information on this product check out this link to the right!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

Monday, November 12, 2007

Teaching Children How to Think or What I Wish I Would Have Learned In School

As I am learning more and more each day, on how to be motivated, how to teach motivation, on the power of thought and the responsibility of co-creation, the desire to teach my children and others becomes larger.
At the same time, I am questioning, why we do not teach children this earlier, at a time, when believing in the power oneself is still there, naturally inside of them.
I am watching my son use the Law of Attraction on a daily basis, and it makes me smile, as he uses it naturally at the age of barely 5. He knows, that the power of thought can help him get a game to work, that doesn't work for anyone else. Whatever it is he wants to achieve, he asks, and knows "it" will be. In his little world, thought means power. He knows the secret.
My wish to teach other parents to give into this natural knowing of fearless asking, trusting that the Universe will respond, and forgiveness is a normal way of life, will come true, because I asked.
May we look at ourselves differently, and with that shape a new generation, which believes in possibilities, not defeat, in wonder and joy, not in lack.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Creating Peace

I was asked today, what I believe gets in the way of peace.

Here is my answer:

Thoughts. As I am becoming more and more aware of the power of our thoughts, I am also more aware of the responsibility this power comes with. By thinking in a default way, people have created war and destruction in their lives, and the lives of others, who by default are interested in peace, but are unaware how to achieve peace.
One can not stop a war, by fighting a war, but by promoting peace.
One can not end world hunger, by fighting world hunger, but by sharing what we have.
It is every one's individual choice, and the thought that we lack, the thought, that there is not enough, if we stop fighting, is what keeps people fighting.
There is enough, if we let abundance flow, all of us. The more we become at peace with the power within us, the more peaceful our surroundings will be. If we look for the alternative, the togetherness, we will find it. We have the power to think, to create, to embrace.
Each one of us.
The need to control only exists in people, because of the fear to not have. War, religion, fights are an extension of that fear.

Peace and Love


Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Favorite Gift Ideas!

Here are my favorite gift ideas for this holiday season:

For New parents:
The Book "How To Teach Your Baby To Read"
a must read for all new parents, or are about to be one.

For the "Impossible" Person on your list:
Donate in their name to a cause, that fit their personality.

For the Senior Citizen:
the Nintendo DS with BrainGames

For the Music Buff and the Christmas Enthusiast:
"Noel" from Josh Groban

For the Middle Aged Person:
The book and movie "The Secret"

For the Chef in your Family:
a kitchenaid food processor

For the kids and Young at Heart:
A WII and a Paper Mario Games

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Featured Foundation of the Week!

This Weeks featured Foundation is

The Alliance of Children's Rights

This Foundation helps children through a variety of programs within the Los Angeles County, such as

health care
adoptive parents
learning disabilities
accessing public benefits
programs for teens exiting foster care

For more information, click on the link to the right!

Thank you!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Setting Your Intend (Part One) - Turn it Around

Here is a link to the first part of a practical exercise on goal-setting!

Monday, November 5, 2007

What are you intentions for today?

Hi Everyone!

Beginning of the week! Wonderful! There are so many interesting, exiting moments that are comming your way! The cool, crisp air of November days, are breathtakingly beautiful no matter where you are on this planet. Take a look around! Really look, search for the beauty, in the stars, in the smile of another person walking by, in the soft, wet nose of your dog, in the firmness of the ground beneath your feet. Alow your intentions to be. Alow yourself to feel the joy of being alive, right now.

What is your intend for this day? Do you know what you want to manifest?
A detailed list at hand, you know where you are going, do you? If not, intend this day to find out.
Get out pieces of papers and write what down what you want. Be specific, just do it, remember that without knowing where you are going to, you won't get where you want to go.
Intend today on giving yourself the permission to create direction.

Simple, but effective first step!

Have a blessed day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Hi Everyone!
For readers, that are familiar with what type of I daily routines I am suggesting, this is a reminder. If you are not familiar with the following, or have questions about anything I suggest to create an abundant lifestyle,feel free to leave me a comment. I will be gladly answer your questions!

Have you written in your Gratitude journal today?

Did you make a to do list or another form of plan for today?

Are you keeping your progress report?

Are you taking time to visualize?

Good! I am proud of you!


Would you like to get motivational tips delivered to your inbox each weekday?
Feel free to write me at or use the link on the right side of the blog!

Have a blessed day!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Featured Foundation of the Week!

Hi Everyone!

This weeks foundation is a foundation, which came to me through a recommendation of a fellow Grobanite (not a disease, a Josh Groban fan, which I am proud to say I am).
As most of my wonderful Grobanites, she is a giving soul, who in the light of the tragedy suggested to donate to this Foundation in honor of producer David Foster (who lost his studio in the fires)and Josh Groban ( who's music is produced partially in that studio, by David)
Therefore I am honored to feature this foundation:

The Wildland FireFighters Foundation

This Foundation, besides their usual work of supporting families of fallen or injured firefighters, are reaching out to the firefighters injured in the Califorina wildfires. Also, they are assisting those firefighters, who have lost their homes, while protecting others.

Please donate to this worthy cause!

Contact info ( link will be provided to the right)

Thank you for your time!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I want to start this blog by wishing my readers a Happy Halloween!

What an exiting day!
This day is an opportunity to share and experiments the joy that kids feel, dressing up and pretending. Even if you do not have your own children, or they are already grown and out of the house, Halloween can be a source of joy, if you let it.

Just like everyday, practicing joy, finding something to feel great about, is your choice. Your choice, in each now is not influenced by what others do, or how others act, but how you choose. And the choice you make right now, will determine your future expirience.

Choose wisely.


During the upcomming holiday time, I will reduce the amount of time, I will write product reviews, and focus more on holiday related themes. Product reviews, pertaining to living a healthy lifestyle, will continiue on a more regular basis, in the beginning of the new year.


News! Starting the first week of November, I will host a weekly show on, called Living Possibilities! I am looking forward to having you meet me there each Wednesday at 7 am Eastern time, or listen at your convienience to the taped sequments that will be available for you to hear! Come join me at for an interactive radio show!

Wishing you a blessed day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
check out the links to my website, and other blogs, to your right!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Follow Your Joy!

"Don't ask yourself, what the world needs, ask youreself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because, what the world needs is people, who have come alive."
Howard Thurman


What makes you come alive? What could you do for hours on end, with the time feeling as if it was standing still? Is it writing stories, or painting pictures of what you see surrounding you?

I am not suggesting, that you give up your day job, and do only what gives you bliss, but I suggest that whatever it is that makes you feel good more often. Each day, take a moment to enjoy what you love to do, or at least one aspect of it. Take time to find joy in those activities, then find joy in all your activities.

Productivity will increase, you will draw more toward yourself of what you like. Offer your joy, be grateful for it, and more opportunities for this joy will appear.


As you set your goals, do include the categories of free-time and family time. How would you love to spent your time off? What would you do with your family if all was possible. Remember to ask. Your Source will answer.

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Monday, October 29, 2007

6 Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

1. Detailed Goal-Setting
Clear and detailed goal-setting is a very important step in creating the life you want. By focusing on each area of your life, balance will be achieved. A motivational coach can help you focus on each area, that you want to improve.

2. Avoiding mistakes
By utilizing techniques that are available to your coach, avoiding mistakes, and getting out of behavioral patterns will be a easier and faster process.

3. Accountability
A coach will hold you accountable about your process, asking you to report back at her/him, which steps you have taken.

4. Improving Overall Lifestyle
By focusing on all areas, balance is achieved. Your motivational coach will make sure, that all subjects of your life get the attention they deserve.

5. Attracting Positive Relationships
By focusing on improving your wellbeing, and self-confidence, your coach can help you attract the relationships, that are healthy for all parties envolved.

6. Advance More Quickly
Through the specific techniques, that will focus you on your goals, you will advance far quicker, avoiding to have to collect the knowledge needed to improve your life, and being able to lean on the expirience of your coach.

Stop feeling comfortable and get moving!

You know what you want, you have a really nice set of goals in front of you, a vision board on your wall and a new set of ideas in your head.

You asked.
The Universe is answering, and answering, and answering,
asking you to take actions,

and you have excuses, excuses, excuses.

You know the ones.
"I could write another report right now, but I really want to watch that game right now."
"I really like this guy, but I don't want to sound desperate."
"I really need that raise, but what if the boss says no?"

This fear, fear to fail, fear to become uncomfortable, fear to be embarressed has such a hold of you, that staying comfortable is more important then the goals you are trying to achieve.

The suggestion I make here sounds simple, but is effective:
Do it anyway, take the action, despite the fear. Reach and you expand.
Courage is not an action without fear, it is an action dispite the fear.

Do it, or come up with more excuses and stay where you are.
The choice is yours.

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trust, The Power of Meditation, and Letting Go

As I contemplate the active parts of the process of Co-creation, I have been drawn to some answers, I want to share with you today.

In one of my meditations, trust is a thought that kept repeating in my mind. Trust is a word, that now constantly emerges, in each subject I work on.

Trust, as I learned to understand, goes beyond the trust within a relationship, but a trust toward the Universe, our Creator, or whatever you choose to call your Source.
Trust is what makes the abundance you asked for come alive. It is the knowing, that the laws of this Universe apply, daily, constantly, always, so you mind as well trust them. It has worked for others, it was worked for you before, it will always work, with everything.

Meditation is a doorway to the wisdom, that lies inside of you. Trusting yourself, through the process of meditation, knowing that the answers you are asking for are there. Meditation connects us, with us, with the Source that gives the answers, each and every day. It quiets the outside, and focuses upon what we sometimes do not here.

Letting go, as a part of trust, is what I learned to be powerful. Knowing, that at the right time, the right answers will arive, the right opportunity to embrace the abbundance you envisioned will be there. Letting to of trying to figure it out on your concious own, but being quiet, having fun, being gratefull, and just knowing, trusting, that the answers will be there, when you need them. Letting go of trying to control, how the Universe will respond.

Then as a result, the abundance will grow.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Survey

Hi Everyone!

I want to invite you to participate in the new survey to your right.

As the holiday season approaches fast, maintaining a healthy lifestyle might require a little extra planning, and an extra portion of motivation.

Througout the next few weeks, I will post bits of motivation about this subjects.

Check back often!

Featured Foundation of the Week!

This weekm in the light of the fires in California, I will take this time to feature a slightly different foundation.

This weeks foundation is:

The San Diego Humane Society

Providing shelter for animals that have been seperated from their owners, feeding animals stuck in homes and other areas, as well as dealing with the animals that lost their lifes, the San Diego Humane Society has been busy dealing with this Catastrophy of the most recent time.
Funding for their work is only provided through the public.

Idems needed:
Monetary donations
Foster parents for the animals

please contact them at:

5500 Games Street
San Diego CA 92110
(619) - 299 - 7012

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Set Your Intentions - Energy Will Follow

Creating an abundant life focuses you upon setting goals. The list of detailed intentions can and should get long. As you are going through the list of what you want to manifest, the question of energy can come up.
How can I achieve all this?
How can I find the time and energy, when until now, I could barely drag myself out of bed each morning?

I am bold to tell you, that energy will follow your actions. Take the action step toward what you want to achieve, take the first step and something magical will happen.
As you do it anyway, setting your sight on your goals, energy will grow, fuiled by the passion you feel about your goal. Energy will follow your intention and continue to grow as you see progress. You are connected toward all the energy you need, all you have to do is set your intention and take the first step.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

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Motivational Quotes

Here are some motivational quotes!


"You will never leave where you are, until you decide, where you want to be!"
Dexter Yagar

"Energy is equal to desire and purpose"
Sheryl Adams

"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can"

"Life is a field of unlimited possibilities"
Deepak Chopra

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Helping the People Affected By The California Fires!

Today I want to dedicate my blogs to help link my readers to organisations, that help people affected by the California fires. As more info comes in, I will add to this list of links.

1. Father Joe's Village

2. San Diego Humane Society

3. The San Diego Foundation

Thank you for your help!

Claudia Blanton

Monday, October 22, 2007

Five Reasons to Hire a Motivational Coach

Here are five reasons, why hiring a Motivational Coach is a valuable tool, in reaching the potential your life has to offer:

1. To define Your Goals to the greatest detail
Discovering, and defining goals, to the greatest detail, is the first step in co-creating the live of your dreams.

2. To help you work out a plan designed to your individual needs, and goals
Based on your goals, creating a plan how to get there, even a flexible one, gives you a path to follow.

3. To help you stay on track, no matter what
As daily life demands its attention, it is easy to get sidetracked, or set back into old habbits. A motivational coach can keep you on the track, focusing you on your potential.

4. To help you re-gain momentum.
After a setback, your motivational coach, can help you with many tools, to get back into the goal minded journey of co-creation.

5. To give you access to tools, sucessful people and athletes use daily
A motivational coach has acess to powerful tools, that can help you reach the live you always knew you could achieve.

For more information on mootivational coaching,goal setting, motivational tips and for a free newsletter, please visit my webiste at
( direct links are provided)

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Friday, October 19, 2007

Recipe for Banana Bread! Delicious and Healthy!

Hi Everyone!

Eating healthy should be fun, exiting, easy and most importantly good.
Here is a delicious recipe, that sure will be a favorite in your family! It is egg-free!

3 medium ripe bananas
1/4 cup of butter or margarine
1/4 cup of pumpkin puree (you can use apple sauce, but reduce then the amount of liquid slightly)
3 table spoons of milk
1 1/4 cup of unbleached all-purpose flour
1 cup of whole wheat flour
1/2 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of baking powder

Mix all ingredients well, add 1/4 cup of nuts if you desire (or chocolate chips work too). Fill in a square, deep baking dish and back for 40 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

This recipe also works well in bread machine's with a quick bread setting.


Featured Foundation of the Week!

Hi Everyone! It is Friday, which means it is time to Feature a Foundation!

This week I am exited to share this Charity with you!

Canines For Kids!

Canines for Kids provides assistance dogs to children with disabilities, to help them be independent, while providing a valuable companion.

Canines for Kids is asking for:
Monetary Donations
Donations of Vehicles
Donations of Puppies (age and breed restrictions apply, so please check their website for details)

For more information contact the Charity directly at

299 Redemption Rock Trail South
Princeton, MA 015011
Telephone: 978 - 422 - 5299


Thank you!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Affirmations - Have you used them today?

To affirm, means to put power behind a statement. An affirmation is a statement you probably are making to your self constantly, even if negative.
" I can not do this." Or, "I am fat." are affirmations.
Positive affirmations are useful, power-statements, that are if expressed often enough become a powerful way to create what you want in life.
They are best spoken in present tense, for example:" I am healthy, safe and at ease." or "I am free to be myself"
You can also use them more directed toward material things, such as "I am wealthy."
, "I am living in abundance."

As affirmations are used often, they will turn into believes, truths and manifest themselves into reality. So using them directed toward your goals, they become a fast, cheap, easy and portable way of directing your thoughts toward what is not yet.
Because the wording of an affirmation is so important, I will now give you some tips on how to create your own affirmation:

1. As I already meantioned, use present tense with all affirmations

2. Keep them short. An affirmation such as " I am at ease." is more effective, then a longer " I am relaxed and look calmly toward the future."

3. Start them with " I am..."

4. Use statements that omit the word "want", as you do not want wanting, but whatever your goal or feeling is.

5. Use the affirmations frequently, and everywhere you go. The more often you use them, the faster you will manifest your desire as you stated it.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Time for a Product Review -Post

Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone has had a productive, joyfull time co-creating your life expieriences, becoming balanced and are reaching toward your goals!

Today, I want to review a few more new products, I have discovered recently.
Feel free to share your thoughts, as always!

If you are not familiar with the principle of co-creation, check out the link to my website, where I offer a free course about the "Basics of Law of Attraction", which explains the process of co-creation.

But now to the products!

1. Baked Breakfast Cookies Oatmeal Chocolate Chip from Quaker 4 Stars
What originally attracted me to this product is the high iron and calcium content. It is a little sweet, I like it better warm, and I would not necessary eat it for breakfast, but as a healthy alternative to a sweet cookie with coffee in the afternoon, I can defenetly recommend it! Try it!

2. Kretschmer Honey Crunch Wheat Germ 5 Stars!
I defently recommend this product, as well as the regular flavored variety to become a stable in your pantry! As a good source of Vitamin E and Folic Acid, it can be added to homemade cookies, cereals, homemade breads, or also to the breading and coating of chicken and fish! Your kids and spouse will not know the difference!

3. Back to Nature Chewy Trail Mix Bars Cherry Pecan 3 Stars
We all agreed in our family, that this was not a hit with us. While I do not like the flavor of a slight resemblense of Marzipan, my daughter felt the cherry was overpowering the whole bars flavor. Use your own judgment at this one!

4. Snapple White Tea unsweetend Tea bags "Strawberry" 5 Stars!
Warm and cold a hit with the kids! Infused with real juice, this tea is comforting, exspecially around this time of the year! Steep for 2 - 3 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed the review, as much as we enjoyed as a family to try out new products.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Friday, October 12, 2007

Featured Foundation of the Week!

Again it is Friday, which means it is time to feature a Foundation of the Week!

This weeks Foundation is

America's Second Harvest!

This nations Food Bank Network feeds America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food-banks and engages the country in the fight to end hunger

Source: America's Second Harvest Website

Contact information:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Review on CD "Noel" by Josh Groban!

This is exiting news to me, as I am able to finally review the CD I have been looking forward to hearing for a few months now!

"Noel" by Josh Groban is here!
Released on October 9th, this collection of Christmas Music, is an impressive sounding feast to the ears. Traditional Christmas Music, as well a new song, which is now my favorite "Thankful", is making this CD a worth while idem to buy.
As always Josh Groban delivers with his breathtaking vocal!

Here is the song list of this CD:

1. Silent Night
2. Little Drummer Boy
3. I'll be Home for Christmas
4. Ave Maria
5. Angels We Have Heard on High
6. Thankful
7. The Christmas Song
8. What Child is This?
9. The First Noel (with Faith Hill)
10. Petit Papa Noel
11. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
12. Pancis Angelicus
13 Oh Come All Ye Faithful

I defenetly recommend this CD!

Peace and Love

Free Newsletter!

I am happy to announce my free newsletter to you

"Bits of Motivation"

Delivered to you Monday through Friday, "Bits of Motivation"-newsletter will bring you tips to keep you motivated, inspirational quotes, affirmation, and uplifting thoughts for the day!

To sign up, use the link on the left, or drop me a line, through the comment feature of this blog, including your email adress!

I am looking forward to keeping you inspired!

Peace and Love


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Have You Planned Your Day Today?

As you are working toward your goals, focusing on manifesting the life of your dreams, it is easy to become sidetracked by the typical day to day activities, that we still have in our lives.
Without a plan, it is easy to loose sight.
So my suggestion to you today is:

Plan your day!

You might be thinking, that you are already doing that, or that this suggestion is slightly over-simplified. My answer to these thoughts is, to look deeper.

Sure, you are planning, when to pick up your clothes from the dry-cleaner, or what to do this weekend - sort of, but are you planning the steps toward your goals?

For example:

Your goal is to loose 30 pounds, and to feel leaner and healthier by the end of the year.

That requires steps, that should be planned into your daily schedule.
Use your appointment book to schedule your exercise time,
Post a detailed menu for the week on your fridge, and make a shopping list, to keep in your purse, so you have everything you need in the house, and are less likely to improvise

You get the idea. Whatever it is that you have as your goal, is more likely to become a reality, if you have spent time focusing on it, by planning out steps how to get there.

That does not mean, that this will be actually the steps you will be taking, or that you will be taking as long on each step as you planned, but it will keep you focused on your goal, the end-result, you are wanting to manifest. While keeping the balance of being flexible to act upon impulses related toward your goals, and staying focused by planning for it, there will be a time, soon, where gratitude for achieving your goals fill your mind, and new ones will have to be planned, reaching, stretching higher, toward your potential of living a life in abundance, health and wellbeing.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Featured Foundation of the Week-Time!

It is Friday, and I like to end each work-week, by featuring a foundation, or charity, that is making a difference in the lives of children, teens and families!

This weeks foundation is

The Covenant House!

The Covenant House provides shelter, food, clothing and educational programs in their location throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, for example Atlanta, NewYork, Toronto and Orlando.

They are looking for volunteers, as well as clothing for teens from 12 to 21 years old, and monetary donations!

For more information, visit their website at ,
or visit my website with a direct link to the foundation!

Thank you!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fun Ways to Exercise

Motivation is the key to staying on track, when becoming and staying fit and healthy. Including fun exercises to break off the routine that regular classes or scheduled activities bring, will increase the likelihood of staying on the path of a healthier lifestyle.

Here are a few ways to get moving, that will take the rigidness out of your routine:

1. Exercise with your kids!
Chasing your kids around the park or the yard is a great way to get fit, and have a wonderful time! The kids get moving as well, so it becomes even more of a win-win situation!

2. Strap on the Rollerblades!
Moving through the park on Rollerblades is a fun way to get moving! Stay safe, and wear pads and a helmet, and watch out for slower moving people.

3. Jump on a trampoline!
If you have the space to put large trampoline in your yard, I definitely recommend it. Make sure it has a safety net, so you and your family can have a safe time, jumping together!

4. Belly dance!
When my daughter and me first began to belly dance, we laughed alot at ourselves! Fun, especially when you give up being perfect, at least in the beginning, this is a great way to move!

5. Yoga!
Challenging, but calming, this ancient exercise is a wonderful way to center yourself. It is relatively easy to find a class for beginners everywhere. DVD's are also widely available! Namaste!

As with all exercise programs, make sure you have checked with your health care professional before starting any program! Always use reasonable safety precautions!

Have fun!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Free E-Courses for You!

Today, I am exited to be able to offer you two free e-courses! That is right, TWO FREE E-Courses, just for you!

Course 1:
Becomming Aware - What messages are we sending to our children?
This Four Part, four week e-course reveals, how the words we use speaking about ourselfs have a deep effect on our children.

Course 2:
The Basics of Law of Attraction - I have seen the movie, now what?
This three part, three week e-course defines the basics of Law of Attraction, and what your role is in co-creating your life.

To sign up for these courses, check out the link section of this blog!

As always, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

10 Instant Tipps to Raise Your Emotions

Here are 10 tipps to instantly raise your emotions!

1. sing loud and false!
2. dance to your own singing - or to that of your children
3. smile
4. repeat an affirmation 3 times (for a list, visit my website or create your own!)
5. pet your animal
6. hug your kids, or smile at someone elses!
7. run around in the rain
8. meditate
9. visualize one of your goals
10. savor a cup of tea or coffee - really savor it!

And if all that fails - call or email me!

Defining the Basics of Motivation

"Set your goals high, and don't stop until you get there!"
Bo Jackson

Here is the definition of the components of the basis of motivation.

Inspiration -
the initial spark, that brings a positive goal into the view of possibilities.
Usually an outside influence.

Motivation -
the reason behind a behavior and/or action

Goal-oriented motivation -
the reason behind the desire to achieve the set goal

Believe -
the knowing, that the power of achieving the invisioned goal is possible, and that the technique used is reliable and true

For more information, on how to use these basics effectively, more about goal setting, relaxation techniques and co-creating your experiences, visit my website at

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Website Update!

I am happy to anounce more updates at my website!

In addition to tipps on maintaining a focused life, to be an deliberate participant of co-creating your live to its potential, I have also added two free E-Courses, available for you!

For more information, or on how to contact me directly to utilizes my services, please check out my website!

Wishing you a productive, and abundant day!

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Desire, Believe and Expectation

True desire goes beyond a want.
It points more toward a need without any despiration

True believe in yourself, will show itself by realizing
that whatever your goal might be, it can be achieved.
Goals do have to seem possible to the visionary.

Truly expect the goal to manifest! Know it for a fact, just
as you know the sun will rise in the morning.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

Friday, September 28, 2007

Product Reviews - Good For You, But How Does It Taste? Chapter Three

Here I am back, trying out new foods that are good for you on a regular basis, which makes our snack times interesting! How fun is it to stay healthy, while discovering new favorites and sharing them with you!

Here are some of them now:

Garden Harvest Toasted Chips (Nabisco Company)
Vegetable Medley Flavors
5 Stars! We love this flavor of the Garden Harvest Chips! Crunchy like a cracker, but flavorful, it satisfies the craving for chips anyday!
Banana and Apple Cinnamon Flavors 3 Stars! I had a hard time with banana or apple flavored crackers, this might be something for the more adventures person, but for our family it is not our favorite, but it isn't too bad either!

Kashi TLC Honey Almond Flax Chewy Granola Bars 5 Stars! Absolutly wonderful, not too crunchy, despite the large pieces of almonds, and just the right sweetness. My daughter absolutly loves it, and so do I! I can hardly wait for the other flavors.

Here is something I usually do not do, but I felt compelled to include a non-food idem today, that is worth mentioning:

seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Gel, lemon scent
5 Stars! This non-toxic, biodegradable gel works just as well as it's regular counterparts, but with a price that is the same,the availability in regular grocery stores and the benefits to the enviroment, it is the only dishwashing gel, that we use in our home. A wonderful idea, that smells refreshingly clean.

Featured Foundation of the Week!

It is time again, for the featured foundation of the week!

This weeks foundation is close to my heart, as I am deeply involved into this project his year!

Marine's Toys For Tots

Yes, it is the time of the year again, where we all are beginning to wonder what we should buy for our loved ones, so I urge you, during this time, to remember the little ones, that without your help, will be lacking this wonderful holiday season!

Let's share our love, and embrace them, by selecting new toys (beware of the recalls, please!), and bring them to a drop off place!

For more information on donation locations and special events surrounding the Toys for Tots Drive, please visit the Toys for Tots website at

Thank you for making a difference!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Product Reviews - Good For You, But How Does It Taste?

Today, I am back with a few products, my family and I have reviewed within the last few days. In order for us to add the product to this list, there has to be an indication or direct claim, on the packaging, that the food is either healthy, organic, and/or contain mostly whole grain.

This weeks products:
Back to Nature Chewy Trail Mix Bars Cranberry Almond
5 Stars! Wonderfully chewy, and slightly tart, quick snack on the run!

Post Cereal Trail Mix Crunch Maple Nut & Brown Sugar
5 Stars! Both cold and warm, with milk a hit! Love the high iron content (90 %)

Libby's Organic Soy Beans 15 oz can
4 Stars! Love the taste, rinse it though first, to reduce the sodium. Kids love it!

Dannon All Natural Yogurt Peach Flavor
5 Stars! If you love yogurt with small chunks, you will love this all natural yogurt. Also comes in Strawberry and Blueberry, but Peach is my favorite!

All reports are based on my families opinion, therefore choose according to your own taste buds. Trying out new healthy foods can be a lot of fun!

Friday, September 21, 2007

This Weeks Featured Foundation

Time for this weeks Featured Foundation!

Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation

Starlight works with children and their families, who are forced to cope with serious medical conditions, by providing education, entertainment and family activites to help them deal with the pain, fear and isolation of prolonged illness.

Contact information:

Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation
5757 Wilshire Blvd. , Suite M100
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Volunteer Opportunities are available
Donations are requested.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Toys for Tots Drive To Start Soon!

As we approach Halloween, stores begin to fill with christmas decorations. During this time many organisations are working hard to make this and every year an enjoyable season for all children.
One of such organizations close to my heart, is the Marine's Toy for Tots drive, that happens every year. This year, Grobanites for Charities are involved in helping this organization collect more toys, and I am very happy to be involved in this!
As you go about your daily duties, I would like to ask you to consider purchasing a new toy for this worthy cause. For local drop off locations, check with the Toys for Tots website.
Thank you.

Good Luck As A Schoolsubject?

In Heidelberg, Germany, a local highschool has added a new subject to their curriculum "Glueck" or roughly translated "Good Luck".
This subject, which by the way will be graded, is to teach, social competence, personal competence, a positive bodyimage and how to turn a negative thought into a positive expierience.
A quote from a proffessor translates to: "The students suppossed to learn, that phyisical health and well-being, can not be seperated from the spiritual well-being."

I commend that school, for teaching such an inovative, and needed subject, that should be mandatory in each school here in the US.

Monday, September 17, 2007

More Warning about Crocs

Would you want to let your kids wear crocs?
If your answer to this question is yes, I would suggest reading the latest news on the web, from reports of the Associated Press all the way to Washington Post, who posted reports of children loosing toes or parts of the toes when wearing Crocs and simular soft-soled shoes.

Children as young as 2 had to endure injuries do to those shoes, here and abroad. Warnings come from Singapore and Japan. Some companies here in the US have chosen to post warnings at their escalators about the potential dangers of this kind of footwear.

Ugly or not, as an informed parent, I am sure you will make an appropriate decision, I for my part will no longer alow those type of shoes in my house.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hey, I just joined Technorati!

Whole Wheat Pasta Recipe

Ever tried to make your own pasta? I suggest for you to give it a try, it is quite simple, and a great activity to do with your kids!

Here is a recipe for whole wheat pasta, that I am sure you will enjoy:

makes about one pound

1 1/2 cups of whole-wheat flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup of water
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup of white flour

1. In a large bowl, mix sifted flour together with the salt.
2.Make a small well in the center of the mixture.
3. In a separate bowl, mix egg and water together.
4. Pour into the well, mix until thick dough consistency.
5. Form into a ball.
6. On a floured surface, knead ( this is similar to bread making, and either a good way to get rid of some frustration, or a whole lot of fun for the kids!)
7. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes in the fridge.
8. Using small sections of the dough, use a pasta machine according to the manufactures directions, or roll out on a lightly floured surface to the desired thickness.

Use as desired! I personally prefer my pasta, served with a homemade thick tomato based sauce, with junks of zucchini, mushrooms and green peppers, with a slice of slightly toasted french bread, rubbed with garlic and olive oil.

Healthy eating can be fun, a family experience and easy! Showing children to joy of preparing foods, together, teaches not just how to prepare food, but possibly brings with it a lifetime joy of experimenting with new creative ways to nurture their bodies. It is the beginning of motivation to take of themselves that last a lifetime.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Friday, September 14, 2007

Featured Foundation of the Week!

Each week I feature a foundation or charity on my website

This weeks featured foundation is
The Children's Aid Society!

Located in New York City, this foundation serves children and families in need, aiding their physical and emotional well-being, throughout community centers, camps, local schools and courts.

This well-established and recognized foundation is looking for volunteers and monetary donations.
Check out their site at!

Remember, that we can always make a difference, no action is too small!

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Website Update!

Check out a new page on my website! I have posted my favorite motivational quotes for you! Stop by my site for regular updates, and more motivational bits!

Each Friday, I feature a Charity or Foundation that is in need of assistance! For information on the individual foundations, check my website at .

Current featured Foundation is Grobanites For Africa!

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

Using Affirmations

Affirmations are a very practical tool for creating positive self-talk, giving you a mantra, a new focus point to help you stay on the track of being a concious co-creator of your life expieriences.
At my house, well chosen affirmations surround me, whereever I go, as I have posted them throughout my living space.
Affirmations keep my thoughts focused on what I want to achieve.

Here are some examples:

- I turn every negative thought, into a positive statement.
- I am immensely proud to be me.
- I am enjoying my "here" and "now".

On my blog at Zaadz, I post Affirmations daily for the community, feel free to check them out at .

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Links To My Sites

"It is kind of fun doing the impossible."
Walt Disney

Here are the links to my website, and blog to Zaadz!

Website for information on motivational coaching, featured Foundations, contact information and motivational bits visit:
For my Zaadz community profile and blog , which is updated daily, see

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

Healthy Foods - But How Do They Hold Up In A Taste Test?

Healthy food and snack reviews:

As the headmaster of my family and the chief-educator of my children, I am always looking for a variety of healthy snacks, and foods, that are convienient, easy to prepare and kid approved.
Motivating children to eat healthy requires their active involvment, which is why our family has developed a rating system our kids give to foods we buy.
All foods we picked, have been selected, because of an indication on it's packaging that the product is considered healthy, may it be through the green check mark, a specific claim on the front of the packaging, or the ingriedients listed.

Here are the products rated for this week:

Back To Nature
Bakery Squares - Banana Walnut
5 Stars! Taste like home-made banana bread!

Back To Nature
Fruit and Grain Bars Apple
4 Stars Apple filling is slightly to chewy for our taste

Barilla Plus Angel Hair Multigrain Pasta
5 Stars! On of our families favorites!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Motivation and Healthy Eating

As a motivational coach, I have found that two parts essential to success in a variety of life situations:
1. A well detailed, defined goal
2. A reason why the person wants to achieve the goal.

This pertains for all subjects, from achieving success in business or job, all the way to more personal goals of health, well-being and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

I council people to achieve many of those goals, but when it comes to healthy eating, there is one more factor that I will touch on in this blog on a regular bases: the taste and convenience of the meal.

Here is one recipe, you might want to try,that falls in the category of healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare. It is a family favorite!

Cranberry Bread

3/4 cup of cranberries
1 cup of sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 1/2 cups of unbleached regular flour
1 1/2 cups of whole-wheat flour
4 teaspoons of baking soda
1/2 teaspoons of salt
2 teaspoons of orange juice
1 cup of fat free milk or soy milk
2 teaspoons of apple sauce

Mix all dry ingredients (excluding cranberries), add one by one egg, orange juice, milk and apple sauce, stirring until well mixed. Add the cranberries, fold them in gently.

Bake in a slightly greased (or better yet use a cooking spray) spring form cake pan - I have also made it in a oval casserole dish, which gave it a nice shape - at 350 Degrees for one hour

Enjoy warm with a glass of milk, or cool with breakfast!

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton