Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success from Deepak Chopra is a very informative book on how to bring forth a healthy, happy and abundant life.

Here are the Seven Laws as he sees them:

  1. The Law of Pure Potentiality
  2. The Law of Giving
  3. The Law of Karma
  4. The Law of Least Effort
  5. The Law of Intention and Desire
  6. The Law of Detachment
  7. The Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life

For more information on the individual laws, visit my blog on myspace, at , where I am currently working on a series of articles on the individual laws as stated above

Have a wonderful day!

Your Life Coach,

Claudia Blanton

Green Tip of the Day # 3

Hi Everyone!

Here is Green Tip # 3:

Get a pressure cooker!
Saving time and money by using a pressure cooker to cook your meals is a great way to also reduce your usage of electricity, and therefore your impact on the environment. With many models now available you can easily find something in your price range. And this handy little tool leaves you with more time to spent on the important things - being with your friends and working on your goals! You can't beat that!



Saturday, June 7, 2008

Green Tip of the Day # 2

Hi Everyone!

Here is Green Tip # 2

Use Rechargeable Batteries!
If you are like me and have allot of electronical gadgets, remote controls, digital cameras and kids toys that need batteries, you know how many batteries you can go through within a year. That also can get pretty expensive. The green and less expensive solution to the chemical filled throw-away batteries, are rechargeable batteries. With battery chargers available in many stores, this little green helpers are easy to find, and affordable. Do the switch today!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Life Coach, Fundraiser

Friday, June 6, 2008

Green Tip of the Day

Hi Everyone!

Today, I will be launching my own little step into the world of green here, and bring you each day from now on a "Green Tip of The Day"

Living Green can be fun, easy, healthy, easy on the budget, and small changes that need minimal effort can get you started in the right direction.

So let's get started!:

Tip # 1:

Unplug your appliances!
Unplugging your appliances can save you on your electric bill! Plugged in appliances actually use some electricity - so while saving your own green with that simple choice, you can live a greener life style! How easy is that!



Thursday, June 5, 2008

Review of "Planet Green" - First Impression

Hi Everyone!

Here is a link to my review of the first impression of the new, first all green channel, called "Planet Green", which launched yesterday.

See you there!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Aiding Depression without the Use of Drugs!

Finding an alternative treatment plan to the usual drug regiment for depression has been an ongoing discussion in the medical and physiological specialties over the last few years.
While I do not advocate for you to stop any treatment immediately, I want to give you alternative resources to explore concerning your mental health.

Diet And Nutrition:
The effects of additives and colors in our food, can alter our mental health. Explore options with your nutritionist or dietitian, that can aid in your recovery from depression.

Exercise raises your body image, your self-esteem and balances your hormone levels. Consider a moderate, supervised exercise program, that includes stress-busting yoga, walking, and meditation.

Alternative Healing Practices:
If you feel comfortable with the more alternative approaches, try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is a form of acupressure, as well as Reiki Healing. Both forms have been known to ease and in some cases cure the symptoms of depression relatively rapidly.

Within the next few days, I will be posting books, and websites that can aid you in exploring a more alternative, but effective approach to aiding your depression-free life.

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach,
Claudia Blanton. For a free telephone coaching session call me at 813 - 531 - 8379 or contact me via email at for an appointment.