Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Years Resolution - Why Do They Fail?

As the end of the year approaches, more and more people surrounding me are talking about their New Years Resolution for 2008. While I do not participate, and haven't in years, because I set my resolutions or intend on a daily basis, I became very curious why so many resolutions fail.

Here are a few things I have learned during my research:

1. The goals are too unrealistic.
Wanting to loose 40 pounds by March, without a personal trainer and major support team is not very likely. Giving up is determined before you have even started.

2. The resolutions were made last minute.
You are standing at the New Years Eve party and the count-down will start in five minutes. Your friend asks you what your resolution is, and your answer, "quit smoking" and quickly toss the cigarette.

3. Resolutions are based on impulse.
See explanation # 2

4. The Pain of Quitting is larger then the Pain of Continuing
Your bad habit fills good, but quitting takes strength. It does not feel good to you stop something your body craves, let's be realistic here.

5. They sabotage themselves with negative self-talk.
Sentences like "I can always quit: or "maybe just one donut." are not helping your. Self-talk can be damaging and limiting.

6. Resolutions lack detail.
I want a new job, is a great resolution, but not very detailed. Would you be able to find the job that is great for you, if it where right in front of you, if you can not even describe it to yourself?

Have a wonderful day, contemplating your Resolutions for 2008!

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