Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's All In The Point Of View

In the process of co-creation, it is important to keep a high vibration in order to stay connected with your desires and to bring into your life, what you have intended to manifest.
But how do you do that in daily life, when duties come along, exspecially ones that you dislike?

It is all in the point of view.

Take cleaning your house for example:

Cleaning house ban be looked at two ways:
1. A chore or
2. A great exercise (scrub the floor real good!), while you are getting a clean house as a bonus.

The only difference in that is the point of view. Same chore.

Another example:

Standing in line at the store can be viewed as:
1. A waste of time or
2. Time to repeat affirmations

Dealing with grumpy people is a
1. Nussance
2. An opportunity to practice kindness and acceptance

I could take this list further, but you can see by those examples, that you can turn a situation into a different experience by switching your point of view.

Try it!

Have a wonderful day!

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