Friday, December 28, 2007

Affirmations About Food!

Replacing negative statements with positive affirmations are a easy, free way to begin the re-shaping of the thought-process regarding food.
Here are some examples on how to re-place a negative statement into a positive affirmation:

Negative Statement: Positive Statement:
I am getting bigger. I am taking charge!

I do not like healthy foods Healthy eating is fun and tasty!
It is fun to try out new foods!

It does not matter what I eat, I control my body!
I have bad genes

I love to eat! I love to eat healthy foods!

I like sweets I choose sweets wisely!

These portions are too small. I enjoy every bite, slowly!
I take my time to eat!

Affirmations might not sound like a true statement to you right now. Keep in mind thought, that our words become our thoughts, our thoughts bundled become our feelings, and our feelings create our reality!

Therefore even if a statement does not ring true as you are saying it, ban the negative thoughts out of your head, and proclaim the affirmations anyway!

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