Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today's Food Review

Yes, today I am reviewing some more healthy foods, as I believe that staying motivated to achieve an healthy, balanced lifestyle, is more likely to be achieved when it is made easy.

So for all my readers, who want to eat more healthy, here is my review of the last few days of testing products (better me then you?)

Here is my list:

Chocolate Life Oat Crunch from Quaker

3 1/2 Stars
My daughter did not like this cereal. My opinion is, that while the idea is great, the quality of the chocolate pieces should be better. If I only get a little bit of chocolate, then I want it to be good.

Philadelphia Creme Cheese 1/3 less fat

5 Stars!
I can not taste the difference between this product and the full-fat version. So why buy the other one! Just as creamy as the original.

Smart Taste Ronzoni Rotini Pasta

5 Stars!
Tastes wonderful, looks like regular pasta, and has 30 % of DV of calcium as well as 25 % of DV of fiber. Toss with a vegetable based sauce and you have a powerhouse of a meal. I am impressed.

Another quick idea:

Ever since Seinfeld's wife on Oprah proclaimed her puree-filled cooking, I have tried what she suggested on the show. I do not buy cookbooks, as I do not follow recipes, but if I would buy one, then it is hers. I love the idea, having added purees to just about everything, from cakes and cookies (as fat-substitute and texture enhancer) to main dishes and sauces. Unsuspecting husband and neighbors are all coming back for more (considering that my husband is a cook, I am very happy with myself, if I get him to rave about anything I make). The only one who knew is my daughter, who volunteers for veggies any day, and grins as if she knew it would taste good.
So, if you are a cook book enthusiast, buy it! If you like to experiment, just go for it and become creative!

Have a wonderful day!



leosatter said...

I hope you can help me out. I am trying to get my health under control so starting to eat right is my first step. Do you know where I can purchase quality food online? (that is on the healthy side) I am starting to do all of my shopping online because of various reasons…so I am hoping you can help me out with a suggestion or two.
So far I have only tried Celebrity foods (which is outstanding by the way)
I am in desperate need to grow my list of quality services or stores, where I can buy my food from. Thank you and have a great day or night (depending on when you read this. LOL!

Claudia Blanton said...

Good question! I want to give you sound advice, so if you could bare with me a couple of days, and I will get back to you. Meanwhile, contact me via my buisness email at, so I can send you more info a little more privatly.

Have a great day!

Claudia Blanton