Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Befriending Your Body!

Hi Everyone!

Many times our relationship with our body is that of a love-hate relationship. We are afraid of how it might react, afraid what you are putting into it, afraid of how the unseen will effect it.

Becoming friendly with the physical extension of ourselves, is one way to exchange this fear-based relationship is to befriend ourselves.

The following is a quote on befriending your body from Abraham-Hicks:

"We would like to help you to know your body is oh, so well meaning. Your body is so well orchestrated. You see, your body is trillions of cells that are vibrationally interacting with Source Energy. And if left to their own without a lot of static in your vibration, your body would only thrive. In other words, the basis of your body is one of true and utter thriving. It has no reason to frighten you. It is the greatest evidence of Well-being that exists anywhere in your physical experience. It is an extraordinary mechanism that's come together from great deliberate intent from so many Non-Physical and physical creators. And every one of you who stands in your body, continues to enhance the experience of the physical body. This is an evolution of a species, that is extraordinary.

Your bodies are not to be feared Your bodies are to revered. Your bodies are to applauded. Your bodies are to be maybe even amazed at. But they are never to be feared. Your bodies are not vulnerable. They're not fragile. They are resilient. They are flexible. You have the ability to come into alignment again and again and again, and if anyone in the Universe understands that, it's the cells of your body.

Befriending your body is the only way we know of coming to understand that your body is resilient and that it knows what to do, and that it will be whatever you ask it to be. But you have to ask it to be that in a place of nonresistance. It's the most significant information that we have ever expressed relative to your physical body and food. You must love your body, and the lovingly give it the food. And when you love your body and lovingly give it the food, it matters not what food you give it."

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Claudia Blanton

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Monday, April 7, 2008

What is going on in your head, is reflected on your waist

Hi Everyone!

Think about this sentence for a moment:

Whatever is going on in your head, is reflected through your weight.

If you are going to the extreme of being overweight, or the extreme of being too thin, the disarray in your body, is mirror and an extension of your thoughts.

Self-worth, self-respect and self-acceptance rarely reflects itself in form of extra weight or disease, but brings for a naturally healthy body.
The same goes for the opposite.

That is why in holistic weight management, and/or holistic coaching the first thing we need to examine together is the relationship of your thoughts within to the projection of your outside.

What are you hiding from, what are you running away from, what are you looking for to be protected from, what are you going to control - those are the questions I want to ask yourself today.

As you go about your day today, following your usual patterns, focus upon what you are thinking, which tapes are running through your head. Whatever you discover, remember that you have a choice to change these thoughts.

And also remember, that you have just taken the first step - Awareness

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Friday, April 4, 2008

New Featured Foundation!

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I have featured a new "Foundation of the Week" on my website
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Accepting Yourself

Hi Everyone!

Loving and accepting yourself as you are might seem like a hard task, considering that we have trained ourselves to look at our own image with the notion of what is wrong, and what can and should be fixed.
But in order to become who we want to be, we need to allow ourselves to be who we are now, and accept all there is now.

Here are a few tips to work on self-acceptance:

  1. List all your accomplishments. Go ahead, list anything you can think off- that includes what might seem small to you, such as being a good cook, or being punctual.
  2. Read the list you created daily.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror - if you are brave, try the naked version - and look for five things you like about yourself right now. If you have a problem with this task, start with one thing, and increase it by one each day, until you get up to five.
  4. Do something today, that you enjoy. Make an appointment with yourself, keeping it, just as you would any other important appointment, and take this time seriously. Repeat this exercise daily.
  5. Avoid people who complain, belittle or discuss negativity. In order to feel positive about yourself, you have to emerge yourself into positive. People with a chronic negative attitude can be draining.
  6. Affirm your worth! Use affirmations on a daily basis. Repeat them often, as a part of your routine, at least 5 times a day, and in addition when you are experiencing negative thoughts.

Try these exercises on a regular scheduled basis.

Have a wonderful day

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton

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