Monday, December 3, 2007

The Core Jobs of an Abundant Life

In order to have a life of your dreams, there are a few core jobs, that need to be realized, to be fully productive in their process of co-creation:

1. Aquiring Knowledge
The more you know, the more informed choices you can make. Learn about finances, budgeting, time managment, organizing or whatever other information pertains to your situation and goal. Go to the expert, learn and watch.

2. Ask for Abundance
You can only receive what you asked for. Ask large, be bold, be specific.

3. Believe That You Will Receive
You would not by a lottery ticket, if you would not see a chance of winning, even if slim, would you? Do not set yourself up for failure by missing this step! You got to believe, what you asked for is possible. No knowing how you will get there, that is not your job, that belongs to the Universe, only that you will!

4. Be Grateful
It makes you feel good, because you are focusing on what is already great in your life, and with that raises your vibration to receive more.

5. Take Inspired Actions
If you feel the urge to take an action, then do it! Your inner wisdom and energy will guide yo toward actions you need to take to reach your goals! Listen to your intution! Do it!

6. Creating the Possibility of Abundance for Others
By being open and accepting of others alone (remember the law of acceptance!), you can raise the possibility of abundance for otherse. It is possible to increase that effect by giving more, whichin return will raise your own vibration. Giving forward brings joy and satisfaction.

Use those steps daily and wisely. Keep your eye on what you want, and go for it! It is time to claim the live you are able to life. Start today!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

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T. Dorsey said...

Step #6 is really critical and I believe often forgot as been sek to actualize their dreams. Assessing how your dream will service others makes it happen faster!