Saturday, December 8, 2007


What are you passionate about?

That feeling of being exhilarated, that tingling in every part of your being, which propels you forward with such a force, that all the obstacles crumble beneath the power of your passion.

If you know your passion, GO FOR IT! Do what makes you feel alive, lights your fire, makes your time go by faster, and which you could do forever, if you had the time!

May it be making culinary delights, like my husband, or may it be teaching others to soar above what they thought possible - which is mine.


The world will be a better place, just because you, more of you, lived your life doing what you desire to do!

If you have not discovered your passion, set your intend to finding it.

Ask to be shone what makes your heart sing. Be on the lookout, because now that you have asked, you will find it.

Time to light that fire!

Have a wonderful day!

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