Saturday, September 22, 2007

Product Reviews - Good For You, But How Does It Taste?

Today, I am back with a few products, my family and I have reviewed within the last few days. In order for us to add the product to this list, there has to be an indication or direct claim, on the packaging, that the food is either healthy, organic, and/or contain mostly whole grain.

This weeks products:
Back to Nature Chewy Trail Mix Bars Cranberry Almond
5 Stars! Wonderfully chewy, and slightly tart, quick snack on the run!

Post Cereal Trail Mix Crunch Maple Nut & Brown Sugar
5 Stars! Both cold and warm, with milk a hit! Love the high iron content (90 %)

Libby's Organic Soy Beans 15 oz can
4 Stars! Love the taste, rinse it though first, to reduce the sodium. Kids love it!

Dannon All Natural Yogurt Peach Flavor
5 Stars! If you love yogurt with small chunks, you will love this all natural yogurt. Also comes in Strawberry and Blueberry, but Peach is my favorite!

All reports are based on my families opinion, therefore choose according to your own taste buds. Trying out new healthy foods can be a lot of fun!

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