Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Healthy Eating - Product Reviews

Hi Everyone!

It is time again, to try out some new foods! I found some really good things over the last few days, so let me share my experiences with you!

Again, a reminder, that all the products listed here, have to follow under the following categories:

1. Be organic
2. Indicated that they are healthier choices on their packaging,
3. Are whole-grain
4. If non-food idem, they have to be a "green"product.

Here is my list:

1. Nutri Grain Whole Wheat Eggo Pancakes
4 Stars!
Nice flavor, I can not tell the difference between them, and the regular ones, but what I do not like, is what they consider one serving : 3 Pancakes? That is a large serving, and promotes overeating!
I recommend eat one of them, top it with fruit, applesauce or yogurt and you have yourself a great breakfast!

2. Breakstone Reduced Fat Sour Cream
5 Stars!
I can not tell the difference between to original and the reduced fat one. I am sticking with the reduced fat version from now on!

3. Ken's Lite Accents Balsamic Vinaigrette Spritzer
5 Stars!
This is my favorite product of this month! Wonderful flavor, only 1 Calorie per Serving, makes eating a salad an culinary experience. I had everyone in my family try it out, and they all agree, even the kids! It is a winner!

4. Oatmeal to go from Quaker Brown Sugar Cinnamon
4 Stars.
Okay, I will not eat those things for breakfast, but as an alternative to a regular cookie or another sweet snack, when I need something to hold me over between meals, it is really good! It has allot of calories per serving, and each square is pretty large, so my daughter and I usually share one. So if you are watching your calorie intake precede with caution. Flavor is great, if you like it sweet! Nice, dense consistency.

That is all for this time! I am hoping you have enjoyed my review. If you have any special products, you would like me to try, and they fall into my categories, please feel free to contact me!

Have a wonderful day!

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