Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trust, The Power of Meditation, and Letting Go

As I contemplate the active parts of the process of Co-creation, I have been drawn to some answers, I want to share with you today.

In one of my meditations, trust is a thought that kept repeating in my mind. Trust is a word, that now constantly emerges, in each subject I work on.

Trust, as I learned to understand, goes beyond the trust within a relationship, but a trust toward the Universe, our Creator, or whatever you choose to call your Source.
Trust is what makes the abundance you asked for come alive. It is the knowing, that the laws of this Universe apply, daily, constantly, always, so you mind as well trust them. It has worked for others, it was worked for you before, it will always work, with everything.

Meditation is a doorway to the wisdom, that lies inside of you. Trusting yourself, through the process of meditation, knowing that the answers you are asking for are there. Meditation connects us, with us, with the Source that gives the answers, each and every day. It quiets the outside, and focuses upon what we sometimes do not here.

Letting go, as a part of trust, is what I learned to be powerful. Knowing, that at the right time, the right answers will arive, the right opportunity to embrace the abbundance you envisioned will be there. Letting to of trying to figure it out on your concious own, but being quiet, having fun, being gratefull, and just knowing, trusting, that the answers will be there, when you need them. Letting go of trying to control, how the Universe will respond.

Then as a result, the abundance will grow.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

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