Thursday, December 6, 2007


I am sure, if you are like many of us, you have made a wishlist or received one in the last few weeks. Wishlists are a fun way to let someone know what you want, children know the effects, and aparently so do some major online companies, as you can publish your own wishlists, in places like

But have you made a wishlist for your life?

Goal-lists are in a sense a wishlist, for what you want to receive in life. You are asking, in detail what you want to have, achieve, experience.

Do you have a goal-list?

If you do not, make one today. Do not delay, as you have to ask for what you want in order to receive. Again, children are a natural at that fact. They know, they ask, constantly.

How detailed is your list?

Does your list cover all areas of your life? If you haven't take your time to check each of them today, thinking about what you really desire.

Dare to dream, dare to set goals. Set your intend.

And while you are setting your goals, make sure you intend some time for yourself.

Have a wonderful day!

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