Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trusting Yourself - Practical Techniques

Eating healthy, and thinking well with and about food, has allot to do with thinking well of yourself. Raising your Self-Esteem, and being able to trust yourself - through your inner voice, as well as through your feeling of self-worth - aids you in living a healthy lifestyle, that includes all aspects of you - mind, body, soul.

Here are some techniques for raising your self-worth:

1. Tell yourself the sentence: "(your name), I like you." Practice this in front of the mirror, at least 10 times a day. Do not forget to smile at yourself.

2. In the evening, record things that went well that day for you. Congratulate yourself for any achievements you have made (include being on time, or being kind to someone into this list)

3. If you feel easily overwhelmed, make a note of one thing you want to work on in your life.
For example: " I am going to look directly at people."

4. Write and read affirmations, that are directed toward the issue you are working on.
Related to the above issue, the affirmations I would suggest are:
"I am confident."
"I know my value."
"I approach people with confidence."

5. Begin a list today, that contains all the things that are great about you. Anything, write them down. If you have a problem starting, ask someone who loves you, without criticizing or downplaying what they have to say. Just record what they said.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Food Reviews - New Things to Try Out!

Hi Everyone!

Again, it is time to review some products! As always, these food products fall under the one or more of the following categories:

1. They are considered healthy.
2. They are labeled as healthy in some form on the package
3. They are labeled as whole-grain.
4. They are labeled as organic.

Here are the products:

Triscuit Rosemary and Olive Oil Whole Grain Wheat Crackers
3 1/2 Stars! Okay, they do not have the same texture, then "normal" crackers, it is more in texture like cereal, but the flavor is good. So, if you are adventurous, feel free to try these crackers.

Celestial Seasonings "true blueberry" herbal tea, caffeine free
5 Stars! Yummy! This is a great tea to relax to and wind down with! I love the strong flavor, and it's scent is also delicious. Love it!

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal with real Strawberry
5 Stars! Smells nice, taste great, what is not to love. I like the iron contest 45 % (got a growing daughter at home! Iron is important!) Overall a good thing!

Picksweet Deluxe Steamers Edamame Soybeans in the Shell!
5 Stars! A great snack, or a crunchy addition to a healthy salad, with lots of fiber and in an easy to prepare steam bag, these little things are a stable in my kitchen.

Okay, now you have a few more products to try out! Have fun being adventurous, and step a little outside of your usual "eating box"!

Have a great day!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kitchen Makeover - Part One

Hi Everyone!

All right, time to be truth-full:

How "healthy-living ready" is your kitchen?

What I mean with this is:

1. How cluttered is your kitchen?

2. When is the last time you threw out spices and other things you really did not need or want anymore, but have anyway?

3. How much junk food is in your kitchen? Do you have any space left for healthy foods?

4. Are your drawers filled with gadgets you never use? How about your cabinets?

Why am I asking you this?

Let me elaborate:

- As you know, what you think effects your life greatly. An organized kitchen feels good, may it be by giving you a sense of pride or a feeling of control. The main goal is that it feels good to be in your kitchen for yourself.

- Appreciation and Gratitude (which draws more of what you want toward you), is only possible if you know what you have. You can not be appreciative of a mess, but you can be appreciative of an deliberately, organized kitchen.

- Filling your life with things you do not need, robs you of space and energy. Give this energy away by donating these items to neighbors and friends. You free yourself for things you do need and want.

- It is so much easier to cook in a clean, organized, deliberately chosen kitchen. Make it as convenient as possible for you and your family to cook healthy.

If you need any tips on how to make your kitchen a deliberate co-creation tool, call me at 813 - 531 - 8379 or email me at

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Practical Detachment

Hi Everyone!

I am sharing with you today a free E-Booklet called "Practical Detachment - How to regain emotional control"

Feel free to download and share this booklet by using the following link

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
813 - 531 - 8379

Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 Ways to Increase Your Vitality!

1. Drink Water!
Everyone, including wellness-gurus, and scientist, coaches and doctors agree, that you need to stay hydrated! There are no more excuses! You want vitality, drink water!

2. Breathe deeply!
Breathing deeply and freely is bringing life force into your body, energizing you, naturally. Practice deep breathing exercises, and mind-body exercises like yoga to expand your lungs, and increase the depth of your breath!

3. Know your goals!
Set your goals, know where you want to go! Knowing what you want, brings the spring into your step, as it gives you something to look forward to, to work for.

4. Be Grateful!
Appreciation and Gratitude are a wonderful opportunity to show you much of an abundance you already have in your life! Feel the complete gratitude and appreciation as you are speaking them, or writing them down. Connect with each idem and experience, that you are grateful for!

5. Smile!
Smiling changes your physiology, it relaxes your face, your shoulders, your chest. It makes you more attractive and it shows your appreciation for life to the world.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keep on going-Quote

"Big shots are only little shots who keep on shooting!"
Christoph Maley

Keep that in mind, the next time you feel like giving up on your dreams. The only difference between you and the person who succeeded, is that the person who made it did not give up, but learned from their mistake, and kept on going!

Keep on going!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More articles on healthy eating!

Hi Everyone!

Ready to read some more tips on healthy eating? Then stop by my Yahoo Group
"Think Well of Food!"

I post new articles daily, inspirational thoughts, and any information I can get my hands on, that pertain to healthy eating, balanced living, and powerful thinking!

See you there!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Product Reviews - Eating Healthy and Enjoying it Too!

Hi Everyone!

Today, I am back to post a few more food product reviews for you!

As always, for the products to be featured here, they have to fall under one or more categories:

> indicate on the package that the product is a healthy choice
> made with whole-grain
> is organic

This week we had a huge Quaker product sale, so here are a few of the products we tried as a result:

Quaker Simple Harvest All Natural Instant Multigrain Cereal:

Apple with Cinamon: 5 Stars! My daughter loves the sutle flavor of this cereal. If you are used to oatmeal, the texture is completly different. The barley, wheat and oat combination is great!

Vanilla, Almond, Honey: 5 Stars! If you like almonds and vanilla, you are in for a treat! Alone the way the cereal smells when it cooks in the microwave is wonderful! My favorite!

Quaker Granola Chocolate Bites
5 Stars!
Okay, at first, when I saw the little round things, I wasn't going to try them, but I am glad, I did! The flavor is really nice chocolaty, and the serving size is perfect.

Quaker Honey Nut Chewy Granola Bars
4 Stars!
While I prefer the Kashi bars, this granola bar is nice. For 90 Calories, this makes a smart snack. Sweet, and has a nice texture! Go for it!

Have fun trying these products!

Have a wonderful day!

For more articles on health related issues, such as emotional eating, visit my new Yahoo Group "Think Well of Food!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
813 - 531 - 8379

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year - New Support Groups - New Series

Hi Everyone!

I am exited to announce the beginning of my new program, the "Think Well-Series!"
Through support groups, online courses and individual coaching sessions, I will assist you in reaching your dreams, and deal with the individual stumble blocks on the way!

Introduction my Brand-New Yahoo Groups:

"Think Well of Food"

"Think Well of Yourself"

"Think Well of Wealth"

"Think Well of Forgiveness"

Join the free yahoo support groups, today!

"The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide, that you are not going to stay where you are right now."
Author Unknown

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

What are you drinking today?

Tea, water, diluted fruit juices and in moderation, fresh brewed coffee - not instant - are great choices to go for!

With the immense variety of quality teas available, it is easy to find one or a few teas, that will complement your taste buds.
If you are sensitive to caffeine, stick with decaffeinated green or black teas, or choose herbal teas.

Water might not be your thing, then why not dilute it with 100 % fruit juice!
Straight fruit juice is full of calories and sugars, but diluted fruit juice taste great, and is refreshing! Try your favorite juice with sparkling water!

Do you like coffee like I do?
Fresh brewed coffee contains antioxidants, if you can handle the caffeine. Stay away from instant and flavored varieties as well as flavored creamers, as they add calories and sugars, use skim milk instead!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Visit my Yahoo Group:
"Think Well of Food"

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Perfection - Quote

"Some of us (perfectionists, exspecially) fuss so much over make the "right" choice, but in life all that is really needed is to make any "good" choice, believe in it, go through with it, and accept the consequences."
Author Unkown

By trying to do everything right, the first time, trying at all becomes a almost impossible step to take. The fear of failing is already in your mind, and if you are thinking about, just like with everything else, you are right. You are setting yourself up for failure, and you haven't even started yet.

Is it really so bad to make a mistake, to take the wrong turn, or the senic route toward your goals? Instead of looking at it from that point of view, enjoy the way, embrace, learn from each step, and allow yourself to mess up!

If you are standing still, fearfull, not making a move toward your dreams, you have failed already. You will be where you are right now, until you change the way you go about your day-to-day.

Is it really so comfortable where you are, that taking a chance and getting rid of the fear of not being perfect, can keep you from growing into the powerful being you can be, and you should be?

Think about it! Then act!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stop Teaching Children Emotional Eating!

Have you ever offered your child or grandchild a piece of candy or chocolate, because and after they've got hurt?

Have you sat down to a talk and cake with your daughter?

Have the words "Eat something, you'll feel better!" been uttered from your mouth, and they were directed toward your children or grandchildren?

Then my question is, how are we surprised that your children are learning to eat emotionally?

It is time to refocus ourselves. We have been teaching generations to view food to become more then it is, then we made up an industry to fix it, and it doesn't work!

Whatever happened to eating because we need to eat to fuel our body, and having conversations to nourish our soul? Both of them NOT at the same time!

Food is fuel and a sensual experience only. Anything else is an addition we have put upon a physical process.

The problem is now, that we have to fix the unhealthy connection between food and emotions, so that we can again free ourselves, and enjoy all of us!

So, to all the parents and caregivers out there:

Stop teaching the next generation emotional eating!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton