Sunday, December 16, 2007

Say It Out Loud!

In order to improve a relationship, there are a few sentences that can make a big difference if used more often.
While it is impossible to influence another persons actions, thoughts or reality beyond of what they allows us to, we can never less extend our self, through a kindness that is expressed with the following list of sentences:

I trust you.
Tell your child, or someone else who you care about you trust them, and you can see the effect in their eyes.

Thank you.
Never underestimate the power of Gratitude, not only directed toward your higher power, but in the context of connecting with another person. A simple Thank you, or a note can reach over gasps, that might have been created in the past.

Go for it.
Encouragement, instead of criticism. Too many times are we ready to point out, why someone should not do, what they are setting out to do. Encouragement means not to judge the situation, either as positive or negative, but it means to allow others to see that they have a choice to dream, and to reach.

I believe in you.
If you believe in the ability of another person, say it out loud. Just say it, shout it out to them, to others. These four words can be a booster of motivation, that can reach far beyond, what you are envisioning now. Tell someone today.

I love you.
In romantic relationships, this term might be overused, but why not tell your Mom, your Dad,or your kids, that you love them. What is wrong with greeting your Grandmother with a hug, expressing love toward them? Extend yourself, say the words that many regret never to have said, until it was too late. Call someone you love today, just to say "I love you."

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Your Motivational Coach
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