Sunday, November 18, 2007

Treat Yourself Today - Holiday Stress Relief

Thanksgiving is around the corner, the holiday season about to be here, and the to do list is mounting.
Time to take a break!
Throw the kids and the husband out of the house (or ban them from entering whatever part of your house you designate as your temporary sanctuary) and pick something from the list to treat yourself!

1. Meditate
A few minutes of guided meditation is a wonderful relaxation technique, stress relief, and memory booster all at once (a link to a free meditation course is on the right!)

2. Pour yourself a cup of hot herbal tea
The health benefits (antioxidants) of herbal, green and white teas are widely known. The preparation for a hot cup of tea slows you down, calms, relaxes. Enjoy!

3. Listen to your favorite music
Great music is an instant mood lifter!

4. Smile
Take a few deep breaths and put a smile on your face. Smiling relaxes your face muscles and releases the tension in your shoulders. Smile for 30 seconds, counting, deep breathing.

5. Watch a funny show
Watching something that makes you laugh out loud have an instant effect of relaxation, while you are creating an experiences you can smile about later.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season!

Your Motivational Coach!

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