Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Do You Know?

When we are asked to let the Universe, God, or Higher Power know what we want, we are asked to be specific, and clear at our goals. We are ask, to take actions, if we are guided to do so.
Then nothing happens.
Do you know the step you are missing?

Letting it be.

I do not mean, forget about what you wanted, or not take actions, but something else, that is much more powerful of a part of this co-creation process, that I think it should be stressed over and over again to people.

Believe that it is.

You asked didn't you? Now believe!

I mean truly believe, not say you are, believing that money is coming your way, then hording every penny as if the end of the world is only preventable by saving everything you have.
No, I mean, your actions, your thoughts have to reflect that believe.
Even though I do not consider myself a Christian, I know that some of my readers are, and it says in the Bible "Ask and You shall receive."
It does not say, ask, then doubt. It says if you ask, have faith, because you asked for it, and the Universe (God) will answer.
Unanswered prayers are not a result of a decision made for us, but a decision of ourselves not to truly believe, that what we are asking for will actually become true.
Think of all the times in your life, when you just "knew" something would be, because you had faith, and it did happen. Well, it was, because you dropped doubt, and replaced it with "knowing".
Call it faith, call it believing, but it is all the same.

So the next time you are asking for anything, stop and ask yourself something else.

Do you "know" it will be as you asked? Trust!

Peace and Love

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