Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success from Deepak Chopra is a very informative book on how to bring forth a healthy, happy and abundant life.

Here are the Seven Laws as he sees them:

  1. The Law of Pure Potentiality
  2. The Law of Giving
  3. The Law of Karma
  4. The Law of Least Effort
  5. The Law of Intention and Desire
  6. The Law of Detachment
  7. The Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life

For more information on the individual laws, visit my blog on myspace, at , where I am currently working on a series of articles on the individual laws as stated above

Have a wonderful day!

Your Life Coach,

Claudia Blanton

Green Tip of the Day # 3

Hi Everyone!

Here is Green Tip # 3:

Get a pressure cooker!
Saving time and money by using a pressure cooker to cook your meals is a great way to also reduce your usage of electricity, and therefore your impact on the environment. With many models now available you can easily find something in your price range. And this handy little tool leaves you with more time to spent on the important things - being with your friends and working on your goals! You can't beat that!



Saturday, June 7, 2008

Green Tip of the Day # 2

Hi Everyone!

Here is Green Tip # 2

Use Rechargeable Batteries!
If you are like me and have allot of electronical gadgets, remote controls, digital cameras and kids toys that need batteries, you know how many batteries you can go through within a year. That also can get pretty expensive. The green and less expensive solution to the chemical filled throw-away batteries, are rechargeable batteries. With battery chargers available in many stores, this little green helpers are easy to find, and affordable. Do the switch today!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Life Coach, Fundraiser

Friday, June 6, 2008

Green Tip of the Day

Hi Everyone!

Today, I will be launching my own little step into the world of green here, and bring you each day from now on a "Green Tip of The Day"

Living Green can be fun, easy, healthy, easy on the budget, and small changes that need minimal effort can get you started in the right direction.

So let's get started!:

Tip # 1:

Unplug your appliances!
Unplugging your appliances can save you on your electric bill! Plugged in appliances actually use some electricity - so while saving your own green with that simple choice, you can live a greener life style! How easy is that!



Thursday, June 5, 2008

Review of "Planet Green" - First Impression

Hi Everyone!

Here is a link to my review of the first impression of the new, first all green channel, called "Planet Green", which launched yesterday.

See you there!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Aiding Depression without the Use of Drugs!

Finding an alternative treatment plan to the usual drug regiment for depression has been an ongoing discussion in the medical and physiological specialties over the last few years.
While I do not advocate for you to stop any treatment immediately, I want to give you alternative resources to explore concerning your mental health.

Diet And Nutrition:
The effects of additives and colors in our food, can alter our mental health. Explore options with your nutritionist or dietitian, that can aid in your recovery from depression.

Exercise raises your body image, your self-esteem and balances your hormone levels. Consider a moderate, supervised exercise program, that includes stress-busting yoga, walking, and meditation.

Alternative Healing Practices:
If you feel comfortable with the more alternative approaches, try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is a form of acupressure, as well as Reiki Healing. Both forms have been known to ease and in some cases cure the symptoms of depression relatively rapidly.

Within the next few days, I will be posting books, and websites that can aid you in exploring a more alternative, but effective approach to aiding your depression-free life.

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach,
Claudia Blanton. For a free telephone coaching session call me at 813 - 531 - 8379 or contact me via email at for an appointment.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Food Reviews - New Things to Try Out!

Hi Everyone!

Here is another list of healthy living products, I have been trying out for you!

As always, in order to be featured here, a product has to fit under the following categories:
1. Indicate that it is considered a healthy choice on the package, or
2. Is a whole-grain product, or
3. Is organic, or
4. Is a green household product

Let's begin!

1. Quaker Multigrain Minis - Cinnamon Sugar
5 Stars! Wonderfully sweet little treats, that are made with whole grain, and have only 60 Calories per serving! What is not to like!

2. Activia Yogurth from Dannon
5 Stars! Great tasting yogurth, and good for you! It makes getting a shot of calcium a pleasure!

3. Oat Cluster Cheerios Crunch from General Mills
5 Stars! I love the high iron content. It takes great - okay, it taste like sweet cheerios, what did you expect? With 100 Calories per serving it is a great way to get your vitamins, fiber and the iron many of us our lacking in our diet.

4. Seventh Generation, Natural All Purpose Cleaner.
5 Stars! With no perfumes and dyes, do not expect the usual scents or smells of a cleaner - which I find such a refreshing change - but it works as well as any of the products I used to use, and which fumes I inhaled. So, do yourself, the enviroment and your family a favor and switch to Seventh Generation.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Inspiration To Take Action

"Hawk doesn't think during hunt
It does not care for theory or ethics
All that it does is natural."
Tao Te Ching

Are you inspired to take action?
There is no doubt in the action of animals, while we second guess everything we are doing.
While I do not suggest to stop rational thinking, I am suggesting for you to take the inspired actions you have been brought in contact with. You have been thinking about joining this club? Then do it.
Do you feel now is the right time to ask for a raise? Then go see your boss, and ask for one!

While some inspired actions might not bee the conventional ones, the thought of standing still, of not going ahead in your life, should be harder to take then the chance of making a mistake and learning from it.
Motion, any kind of motion will always bring you to a better place then you currently are.

So, take up that hobby you always wanted, join the gym you passed by tens of times, read that book that is not conventional thinking.

Step out of your box, you have nothing to loose.

Have a wonderful day!


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Monday, May 19, 2008

Starting Your Day!

Hi Everyone!

Here is a quote from Louise Hay's book "You can Heal Your Life"

"How do you begin your day?

What is the first thing you say in the morning when you wake up? We all have something we say almost every day. Is it positive or negative? I can remember when I used to awaken in the morning and say with a groan, "Oh God, another day." And that is exactly the sort of day I would have, one thing after another going wrong. Now when I awaken and before I even open my eyes, I thank the bed for a good night's sleep. After all, we have spend the whole night together in comfort. Then with my eyes still closed, I spend about ten minutes just being thankful for all the good in my life."

How do you begin each day? Are you inclined to looking forward to another day filled with bliss, or are you already focusing on where you are hurt, or how you are dreading to go into the kitchen, because you are on another one of those diets?

Please begin your day from now on, with a more gentle approach. This kindness you are showing toward yourself and toward your surroundings will carry throughout your day, and enhance your experiences more then you might imagine at the moment.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Life Coach, Fundraiser

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Harmonious Living

Hi Everyone!

"If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop a harmonious mental attitude."
Charles Haanes - The Master Key System

As we all are looking for that harmony, balance and comfort in our lives, the key to where this harmony is to be found is not in the food, or the addictions or the temporary distractions. The power we have to turn our lives into that which we want it to be, and yes, that includes the subject of weight loss, and health, is within.

Sounds like that new age thinking to you?

The book this thinking is primarily inspired from has been written 1916, and is one of the inspirations for the making of "The Secret."
So much for new age thinking.

But does it really work? Is what the teachers of Law of Attraction and numerous other writers like Eckhart Tolle have been writing about, really something that works?

If you consider how many times, many of us have spent hundreds of dollars upon the quick fixes, that everyone else promised us, that they would work, I think the purchase of a book for under 20 Dollars, or even better, the reading of a book that is available free, as a public domain on the Internet, is worth considering even if only for a moment.

What do you have to loose, but a few moments of your time?

Think about it!

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am Back!

Hi Everyone!

I am back to post on a regular schedule! Thank you to all my regular readers for being so patient!

New article is on the way tomorrow. See you then!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Befriending Your Body!

Hi Everyone!

Many times our relationship with our body is that of a love-hate relationship. We are afraid of how it might react, afraid what you are putting into it, afraid of how the unseen will effect it.

Becoming friendly with the physical extension of ourselves, is one way to exchange this fear-based relationship is to befriend ourselves.

The following is a quote on befriending your body from Abraham-Hicks:

"We would like to help you to know your body is oh, so well meaning. Your body is so well orchestrated. You see, your body is trillions of cells that are vibrationally interacting with Source Energy. And if left to their own without a lot of static in your vibration, your body would only thrive. In other words, the basis of your body is one of true and utter thriving. It has no reason to frighten you. It is the greatest evidence of Well-being that exists anywhere in your physical experience. It is an extraordinary mechanism that's come together from great deliberate intent from so many Non-Physical and physical creators. And every one of you who stands in your body, continues to enhance the experience of the physical body. This is an evolution of a species, that is extraordinary.

Your bodies are not to be feared Your bodies are to revered. Your bodies are to applauded. Your bodies are to be maybe even amazed at. But they are never to be feared. Your bodies are not vulnerable. They're not fragile. They are resilient. They are flexible. You have the ability to come into alignment again and again and again, and if anyone in the Universe understands that, it's the cells of your body.

Befriending your body is the only way we know of coming to understand that your body is resilient and that it knows what to do, and that it will be whatever you ask it to be. But you have to ask it to be that in a place of nonresistance. It's the most significant information that we have ever expressed relative to your physical body and food. You must love your body, and the lovingly give it the food. And when you love your body and lovingly give it the food, it matters not what food you give it."

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton

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Monday, April 7, 2008

What is going on in your head, is reflected on your waist

Hi Everyone!

Think about this sentence for a moment:

Whatever is going on in your head, is reflected through your weight.

If you are going to the extreme of being overweight, or the extreme of being too thin, the disarray in your body, is mirror and an extension of your thoughts.

Self-worth, self-respect and self-acceptance rarely reflects itself in form of extra weight or disease, but brings for a naturally healthy body.
The same goes for the opposite.

That is why in holistic weight management, and/or holistic coaching the first thing we need to examine together is the relationship of your thoughts within to the projection of your outside.

What are you hiding from, what are you running away from, what are you looking for to be protected from, what are you going to control - those are the questions I want to ask yourself today.

As you go about your day today, following your usual patterns, focus upon what you are thinking, which tapes are running through your head. Whatever you discover, remember that you have a choice to change these thoughts.

And also remember, that you have just taken the first step - Awareness

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Friday, April 4, 2008

New Featured Foundation!

Hi Everyone!

I have featured a new "Foundation of the Week" on my website
at !

Check out more about "Support Autism Education Inc." , there!


Claudia Blanton
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Are You Looking Looking For More Articles on Positive Living?

Hi Everyone!

Are you looking for more motivation?

Here is a link to my daily updated blog on Myspace!

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Accepting Yourself

Hi Everyone!

Loving and accepting yourself as you are might seem like a hard task, considering that we have trained ourselves to look at our own image with the notion of what is wrong, and what can and should be fixed.
But in order to become who we want to be, we need to allow ourselves to be who we are now, and accept all there is now.

Here are a few tips to work on self-acceptance:

  1. List all your accomplishments. Go ahead, list anything you can think off- that includes what might seem small to you, such as being a good cook, or being punctual.
  2. Read the list you created daily.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror - if you are brave, try the naked version - and look for five things you like about yourself right now. If you have a problem with this task, start with one thing, and increase it by one each day, until you get up to five.
  4. Do something today, that you enjoy. Make an appointment with yourself, keeping it, just as you would any other important appointment, and take this time seriously. Repeat this exercise daily.
  5. Avoid people who complain, belittle or discuss negativity. In order to feel positive about yourself, you have to emerge yourself into positive. People with a chronic negative attitude can be draining.
  6. Affirm your worth! Use affirmations on a daily basis. Repeat them often, as a part of your routine, at least 5 times a day, and in addition when you are experiencing negative thoughts.

Try these exercises on a regular scheduled basis.

Have a wonderful day

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Affirmations for You!

Hi Everyone!

Here are some affirmations to use throughout your day!

  • I am at peace with who I am
  • My life is full of compassion
  • I have room for expansion
  • It is fun to learn new things
  • I am safe in my growth
  • My voice is heard with love
  • I hear with love
  • There is enough

Affirmations are such a wonderful way to redirect your thinking toward the positive. As you use these, or one's you create yourself, repeat them to yourself as often as you feel your thoughts pointing toward the negative.

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Quotes on Health

Hi Everyone!

Here are some quotes about health, from the book "The Secret"

"You cannot "catch" anything unless you think you can, and thinking you can is inviting it to you with your thought. You are also inviting illness if you are listening to people talking about their illness. As you listen you are giving all of your though and focus to illness, and when you give all your thought to something, you are asking for it. And you are certainly not helping them. You are adding energy to their illness. If you really want to help that person, change the conversation to good things, if you can, or be on your way. As you walk away, give your powerful thoughts and feeling to seeing that person well, and then let it go."

"You don't have to fight to get rid of a disease. Just simple process of letting go of negative thoughts will allow your natural state of health to emerge within you. And your body will heal itself."

Here are my thoughts on this:

  • Be careful about any messages of how you are supposed to feel, look or act like at a certain age. You know what I mean, hearing loss and eye sight diminishing with age - that is only so, if you invite that thought into your life.
  • Collect other topics that are positive. Many times people speak about negatives or health problems, because they have not really anything to talk about. Collect many different informations on various positive subjects, and you will always have a topic for conversation.
  • Use your affirmations daily. If you want to hear well, affirm yourself hearing well. If you want to feel strong, state that in your affirmations. Personalize them to your current situation, put on a smile and proclaim how you want to feel like.

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, What Did I Eat Yesterday - Results of Food Diary

Hi Everyone!

Here we are with the results of my keeping a food diary for a day.

This is what I ate ( I deliberately did not censor myself, only recorded)

1/2 banana
1 serving of cream of wheat with milk and a little bit of sugar

1 serving of white beans in tomato sauce with some chicken breast (about a serving)

medium mixed salad (mixed lettuce, tomato, zucchini, onion), light dressing

3 pieces of chocolate

1/2 serving of the white beans from above (leftovers)

2/3 serving of lasagna

1 tomato

1/2 serving of steak-onion-zucchini stir-fry


What is the conclusion of this challenge?
Personal observation, I did not eat allot of complex carbohydrates yesterday.

My general observation was, that while it is tedious to record everything, the awareness that the recording brings, is worth the work. Being aware gives you the opportunity to create balance, that goes for eating as well as everything else in your life. Therefore if you have to use the tool of a food diary to create this awareness, by all rights do so.

If you want to share your experience, or discuss anymore food and relationship of health and thinking, feel free to join my Yahoo Group
"Think Well of Food" at

See you there


Claudia Blanton

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are You Keeping A Food Diary?

Hi Everyone!

Many people, especially those who are trying to loose weight keep a Journal about what they are eating.

Are you one of them?

I am telling you, that I have never been one to keep track of what I am eating, in detail, as I eat usually a relatively healthy diet, and I am in the range of my ideal weight, but as I hear more and more suggestions to keep track of what you are eating to see what kind of junk we unknowingly add to our body, I took on that challenge.

So, starting tomorrow, I will keep a food journal for a day, just to see how it feels. I will post the results Thursday, right here.

Want to follow along?

You can do so by keeping your own journal just for yourself, or if you are interested in sharing with others, I encourage you to join the "Think Well Of Food" Yahoo Group, where you can post your results to the group. is the link to the group.

Let's see how that works out! I am exited!



Monday, March 17, 2008

Coloring Easter Eggs - Naturally

Hi Everyone!

It is almost Easter! Time to color your Easter-Eggs!
How about doing it naturally, instead of using the store-bought coloring?

Use the following ingredients to get you started:

For best results, use white eggs only!

Use Red Beets or Red Onions to make beautiful red-tones.
Use Red Cabbage to have a blue to violet range of colors.
Use Black Tea to turn the eggs golden-brown to brown
Use Spinach and parsley to turn them green.

Follow these simple steps:

Boil the ingredient of your choice together with a teaspoon of white vinegar and an amble amount of water ( your amount of water depends on how many eggs you are coloring; Please keep an close eye on this part of the process and add water as needed!) for at least 1/2 hour, depending on desired darkness and richness of color.

Next add the eggs, make sure they are emerged completely, and boil them until they are hard.

Careful not to stain your clothing, when you are removing them to cool!

If you are looking for intensive, strong colors, rub the eggs before emerging them, with a small amount of white vinegar!

Have a wonderful time!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Life Coach,
813 - 531 - 8379

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Food Reviews!

Hi Everyone!

Once again, I will be reviewing some new food products, I have come across in the last few days!

As always, in order for the products to be featured here, they have to indicate one or more of the following things on their package:

1. That they are considered a healthy choice
2. That they are whole grain products
3. That they are organic

Here we go!

1. Nature Valley Yogurt Granola Bars - Variety Pack 5 Stars!
These tasty bars are a good source of whole grain, and and an exellent source of calcium, with absolute great, slightly sweet taste! While they are not exactly a low-fat choice, they are a easy, fast, portable snack, that satisfies your hunger for something sweet, and are allot healthier then grabbing for those tempting chocolate cookies!

2. Go Lean Crunch - Honey Almond Flax Cereal by Kashi 3 1/2 Stars!
If you like crunchy, and I mean crunchy as in really crunchy, this cereal is for you. While I enjoy a more softer variety of cereal, I do liked their taste, which is surprisingly sweet. Try it out for yourself!

3. Yo-Plus Yogurt from Yoplait - Peach Flavor 5 Stars!
I really enjoy this yogurt, and with the added fiber, it is a wonderful treat to have as an addition to your diet! While I would not swear by the claim of regulating the digestive health, I am definitely going to keep these yogurts in my fridge! And the kids like them too!

4. Kellogg's Special K Snack Bites - Strawberry 4 Stars!
These little pouches are not bad at all! At 90 Calories a pouch, I will not find much to complain about.

For more information on healthy balanced living, visit my Yahoo Group
"Think Well Of Food!" today!

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Relationship Series!

Hi Everyone!

Starting tomorrow, Friday 03/07/08, I will begin a series of articles on Relationships and Law of Attraction at !

Stop by to read about:

Are You Ready for Your Soulmate?

Do You Know What You Want in Your Spouse?

Growing Within a Relationship

Enabling Destructive Behavior

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach,

Claudia Blanton

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Quick Tips For Easier Sleep

Hi Everyone!

If you have a hard time falling asleep, you are not the only one. Many factors can influence your ability to sleep, but here I want to give you some active tips, that you can implement into your daily routine today.

1. Meditate. Right before going to bed, is a wonderful time to meditate. You do not have to practice for a long time, a few minutes of guided meditation does the trick.

2. Make your agenda for the next day, and put it away, before you are starting with your sleep-routine. Whatever you do, don't make the list while laying in bed, right before turning of the light.

3. Exercise! Keep the stimulating exercise for the morning time, and relaxing exercises like Yoga for the evening. The additional activity will bring you into a more natural rhythm of tiredness after an physical active day.

4. Turn off the TV, or the computer a few minutes earlier. Do not go from the news, directly into bed. The quietness of the house, will quiet the mind.

5. Talk to your doctor. If you have a chronic problem with insomnia, check with your doctor. She might be able to assist you in combination with behavior adjustment and medication, to give you relief.

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Reminder to Get Ready For Oprah's Webcast

Hi Everyone!

You might be aware, that Oprah is conducting a live-webclass starting Monday, March 3rd at 9 pm EST, about Eckhart Tolle's Book "A New Earth".

If you want to participate, sign up on Oprah's website You need to register, as well as download a movie player to be able to see the live webcast.

Buy the book, read her suggestions on studying the book, and join all of us in participating in this great opportunity to be awaken!

I really think, that this book is as powerful as Oprah claims, even if it is complex, and will demand your close attention.

Read it!

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach

Claudia Blanton Call me for a FREE MOTIVATIONAL COACHING SESSION at 813 - 531 - 8379!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What To Do With All That Chicken-Breast?

Hi Everyone!

Today's home school cooking lesson for my daughter was to use the lean source of protein, chicken breast.
Here is what she created:
Garlic-Infused Ginger-Lemon Chicken breast

1 whole chicken breast
2 gloves of garlic (we love garlic)
Ginger grated, about 2 teaspoons
a small amount of fresh cilantro
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
Serve with:

Brown rice, large serving of mixed tossed salad

First she rinsed the chicken breast and put it into a bowl. To that she added the garlic (squeezed through the garlic press), the ginger, finely grated, a small amount of cilantro, and the lemon juice.

Next she covered it and let it marinate for about 30 minutes.
Meanwhile the brown rice, went into the rice cooker.

After the 30 minutes of marinating time, she wrapped the chicken into a foil package and baked it for about 45 minutes.

This simple, but flavorful, and moist chicken put a smile on all our our faces. Try it out!

The cook is getting a hug!

Have a wonderful day!

Your Motivational Life Coach,

Claudia Blanton

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Does Your Schedule Include?

Hi Everyone!

As you look over your day -to - day schedule, I want you to see, if your schedule includes the following:

1. Meditation
2. Yoga or Tai-Chi
3. Exercise,
4. Time for yourself
5. Time for spirituality

If you have not included any or all of these following items in your schedule, I want you do to the following today:

1. Record all the things you are doing, anything, all of it.
2. Take two highlighters, one use to highlight things you do for yourself, or because you want to do them - the other one highlight the things that you are doing because someone else wants you to do them.
3. Look at the items that someone else want you to do - eliminate 95% of them today!
4. Look at the items that you want to do or feel you have to do as a part of your obligation. See where you can let go off trying to do it perfect, and how you can incorporate some fun.
5. Fill in the left over time, with activities that are in the list above.

Pleasing others by doing what they want you to do, while having no time for yourself, does not only take away from you, but also cripples the person who you are assisting. If you are allowing yourself and others to be responsible only for their own happiness, like they actually are, then both sides will be able to be more productive. You are responsible for yourself. That means that other people are responsible for themselves and their happiness. That is it. Period.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Life Coach, Fundraiser
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Does Rushing Serve You?

Hi Everyone!

What does rushing around create for you?

Think about it for a second:

Has rushing around ever made you feel good?
Did it get you anywhere earlier then you thought you should be?
Did you get more done, by cramming more things into a tight schedule, half of it filled with things, you really did not want to do in the first place?

Rushing creates stress, tension, bad mood, and potential for dangerous situations. Therefore we can all agree, that rushing around does not really benefit us, or the people who we are in contact with. The effects on our body and health are obvious, as rushing does not give us a chance to savor our foods, and instead brings us through the drive-through lane of the nearest fast food restaurant.

So what should be do about rushing? Aren't we designed to do so many things in this fast paced society, that we have to rush?

No you do not. I am here to challenge your thinking today about rushing.
Actually you do not get more done, by doing more and faster, because the quality of your work suffers tremendously.
Adding things to your schedule, that you really do not want to do, also does not benefit you.

Here are a few questions I want you to ask yourself before you set your intent for today:

1. Which items on your to-do-list can you get rid off right now, because they are only there to please someone else, and have nothing to do with your purpose or agenda?

2. Do you really get any help from people, when you are rushing them, right along with you?

3. Are your kids more cooperative, if you spent some quality time with them, before you asks them to look after their chores?

4. Can you let go off perfect somewhere in your schedule?

5. Have you thought about what you want to do, really thought about it?

Think about these questions over the next few hours. Over the course of this week, I will be talking more about scheduling, and reduction of rushing, and the effects that relaxing can have not only on your health, but all areas of your life

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Life Coach, Fundraiser

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Food Reviews Time Again! Yummy!

Hi Everyone!

Here we go again! It is time to try out new foods! I had fun experimenting and revisiting old favorites. I hope you will be enjoying this little trip to the grocery store, right along with me!

Keep in mind that the food products featured on this blog have to fall under one or more of the following categories:

1. Indicate that their healthy on their package
2. Are a whole grain product
3. Is an organic product.

Here we go:

  1. All Bran Multigrain Crackers from Kelloggs. 5. Stars! Okay the packaging is not the greatest, looks more like a not to great cereal package, but do not let yourself get sidetracked by that, and go for the stuff inside! It is great! With a slight sweet aftertaste these crackers are a little treasure. And with 5 grams of fiber per serving, you can not beat that snack
  2. "Clearly Organic" Organic Black Beans 15 oz can. 5 Starts! Beans are a must in a healthy kitchen and these canned black beans make it easy to add nutrition to any meal. Do not forget to rinse, though, even if they are already low in sodium (85 mg = 4 %)
  3. Tropicana No Pulp Calcium Orange Juice 5 Stars! You already know that we should have more calcium in our diet, so there is a chance for a great, sweet, tasty way to bring more of that good stuff into your life.
  4. Goldfish Whole Grain Crackers from Pepperidge Farm 4 Stars! Not quite as cheesy as the regular variety but still satisfying! Worth the switch!

Now it is your turn to be adventurous!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Examples of Visionboards

Hi Everyone!

A visionboard, as explained in the movie "The Secret", does not have to fall under the same format in every case.

Here is a vision-scrapbook, that I have created:

Another example of a variety to the vision board, is using the surfaces of your home, such as a door, or a wall:

The more traditional used vision board, can be as individual and diverse, as you are:

Visionboards, in whichever form you choose to use, are a great tool, which are fun to make, and can involve the whole family! Be creative! Have fun! Set goals!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Life Coach

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Mindset of Wellness

Hi Everyone!

"All of the biology - every bit of it - is following the mind. Every bit of it, EVERY bit of it.

So the wellness that is being allowed, or the wellness that is being denied, is all about the mindset, the mood, the attitude, the practiced thought. There is no exceptions, in any human or beast, that you'll ever discover. It's ALL that. Treating the body really is about treating the mind. Because you have discovered you can patch them up again, and again, and they will just find another way of reverting back to the natural rhythm of their mind, you see.

It is all psychosomatic - every bit of it - no exceptions."


What does that mean fro healthy, balanced living?

It means that:

1. Until you are dealing with the emotional reasons for overeating, you will not stop with unhealthy behaviors.

2. While dealing with the current symptoms - which can include trips to the doctor, the nutritionist or an expert in the field of weight management, you have to reconnect with you, the core of you, so you will be able to detach unhealthy behavior associated with food or exercise.

3. Raising your self-esteem, and your feeling of self-worth has to become an integrated part of becoming overall balanced. That means improving self-talk, arriving at a place of an positive outlook, and the control of your emotions through deliberate thinking, affirmations and meditation.

Weight loss, health improvement and achieving a successful life, has to become an integrated part of each-other, in order to be at a place, where you are comfortable with whom you are, in your day to day existence. The way to get off the roller-coaster of dieting is to include the work through the root of the problem, while working on the symptoms immediately.

Have a wonderful day

For more information on Motivational Life Coaching, contact the Self-Talk Expert, Claudia Blanton at 813 - 531 - 8379 or via email at for a free, no-obligation Life Coaching Session.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are You Writing in Your Gratitude Journal?

Hi Everyone!

Are you still writing in your Gratitude Journal daily?

Remember that the key to unleashing the true power of Law of Attraction is through the following main components:

1. Appreciation
2. Gratitude
3. Joy
4. Laughter

Practice daily!

Have a wonderful day!
Claudia Blanton

For more information on Motivational Life Coaching, and a free telephone coaching session, contact me directly at 813 - 531 - 8379

Monday, February 11, 2008

My thoughts on Meditation

Hi Everyone!

Meditation is one of the best ways, that I have found for myself, as well as for many people I converse with, to calm, center and focus yourself toward a new, more controlled way of thinking, and being.

It has been a vital part, and always will be of my daily routine, as it gives the ability to think clearly, focus on what is important to me, and relax, something that 10 years ago, would have been impossible.

Many people I encounter though, have the question of how to start, where to begin, and what kind of meditation to follow.

I suggest to start with guided meditations, short in durations, as they are an easy way to get the feel for the practice while giving you the same results, in a short, quick, easy to use way.

A guided meditation, is a practice, where you listen to an audio recording of someone talking you through the process of meditation, how to relax, and how to use guided imagery to come to a deeper level of relaxation.

The website "Learning Meditation", is my favorite place to get people started. Pleasant guided meditations, with easy to follow instructions are what this site is filled with.

Begin simple, once a day at first, until you find a meditation you are comfortable with, just for a few moments. You can increase to twice a day, with longer meditations if you feel the need, later.

Put this time of meditation into your routine, right up there with brushing your teeth. Once you feel the benefits, you will be looking forward toward your few moments of solitude each day.

Have a great day!

Claudia Blanton

For more information on setting a healthy living routine, living with the principles of Law of Attraction, and focusing your thinking, contact me directly at
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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Apprechiation and Self-Love Quote

Hi Everyone!

"Are you understanding that appreciation and self-love is the most important tool that you could ever nurture, that the appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source energy of anything that we ever witnessed?

When you are appreciating or when you are loving or when you are acknowledging the value of something, you are in that moment a vibrational match to the Source, that is truly you.

Do not worry about where you are at any point in time. Don't take score and beat on yourself. Just make a desicion from right here where I stand, I am going to reach for the thought that feels the very best of anything I have access to, and understand, that your inner being is adoring you, always...."

Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Part Two of the Dr Oz - Oprah Recap

Hi Everyone!

Real quick, and then back to motivation, here is the second part of the recap as promised from Tuesday's Oprah show about Anti-Aging:

Here are Dr. Oz Vitamin recommendations (you can check out the transcripts on

1000 unites of Vitamin D per day

600 milligrams of calcium plus 200 milligrams of magnesium TOGETHER twice a day

DHA omega 3 - 600 milligrams per day

over 40 - under doctors supervision - 2 baby aspirin

Multivitamin - cut in half ( I did not know that either) - one half taken in the morning, the other half in the evening.

On Oprah. com Dr. Oz has posted a printable by age-group divided vitamin guide, so take a look at it.

This information is not meant as medical advice, therefore check with your doctor, and check out the info for yourself again on I am by no means a medical professional, I am a Life Coach, who wants to point you into the direction of valid information, so you can make the best decisions for yourself.

Have a wonderful, inspired day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Life Coach, Self-Talk Expert
813 - 531 - 8379

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Quick Oprah - Dr. Oz Recap - Part One

Hi Everyone!

This is going to be a quick recap of Oprah's show from yesterday, about ant-aging, and living a healthy lifestyle. (Part one)

White tea!
Again Dr. Oz stressed the importance of drinking white and green tea, but pointing toward the white teas, as they have a more powerful level of antioxidants.

I agree with the good Doctor. Drink your white tea! Available now in so many different varieties, my daughter loves the strawberry flavored one, and I am a blueberry tea person. Check them out!

Dr. Oz also mentioned spices. Here are a few to have in your cabinet at all times:
1. Cinnamon
2. Ginger
3. Cayenne Pepper
4. Turmeric - which is within cumin
5. Paprika
6. Rosemary for focus.

Now, lets get to the fiber, people!
Women need 25 grams, men need 35 grams, a day!

Remember to please add them slowly over time to your diet, to avoid digestive problems, as I have mentioned in various posts, here, on my groups, and in my articles. Slow down people!

How do you add fiber into your diet?
1. Eat 100 % Whole Grain Bread!
2. Eat beans
3. Eat fruits and veggies (don't drink them, chew)
4. Eat Whole Grain Cereal!
5. Switch to Steal Cut Oats
6. Switch to brown rice
7. Switch to whole grain pasta

Tomorrow, I will be posting the second half of info from the show, which will mainly include exercise and the recommended dosing of vitamins according to Dr. Oz.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Play with your Food

Hi Everyone!

Sounds like a strange title for a blog.

This is an invitation to do exactly, what we were told not to do, when we were kids: Play with your food.

Okay, I am not talking about having a food fight, what I am talking about is, to get more in touch with what you are eating, by getting more in touch, literally.

Touch your food - feel the texture of the flakes of your (hopefully whole-grain) cereal. Break it, crunch it up, really examine it. You are putting this into your body, don't you think you should know, how it feels like, and what the texture is?

Become familiar with all of your foods, your lunch meat for example. Bend it pull it apart, hold it in your hands, feel it. You can find out lots of things by it's texture, like the fat-content, just by the way it feels, and looks.

When you make a cake, feel the dough, touch the flour with your hands, to break up the clumps before sifting. Can you feel a difference between whole-wheat flour, and regular cake-flour? Find out!

The purpose of this is the following:

1. Too many times we connect so many emotions to how we are eating, that we forget how it feels like to really be present with food. This exercise or game if you will, gets you back in touch with the food, and away from the emotions.

2. You should really think about what you are putting into your mouth. After all it effects you greatly. Then shouldn't you know all about it, at least all that your senses have to offer?

3. Being aware that the rules we are usually taught in childhood about food, are not because they have any merit - expect the one of not talking with your mouth full - but because they were either a convenience for our parents, or they were simply brought forth, because they were taught that way.
This gives you a chance to detach from these rules, and make up your own. After all, it is your life, not that of your family you are living, so why play by their rules still? At the same time, you are giving yourself an opportunity not to pass those rules onto another generation, who is already beginning to struggle with issues relating to food.

Think about it!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
813 - 531 - 8379

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bean and Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

Hi Everyone!

Try out this quick and easy recipe! It is delicious, fun to make, and nutritious.

You will need:

2 Small Whole-Wheat Tortillas
1/4 cup of refried beans
1/4 cup of shredded cheese (I prefer 2% mild cheddar for this dish)
substitute for a Mexican blend if you prefer
Salsa ( get your desired heat-level - I am a medium gal)
Red Chili Sauce

Spread the beans on one of the tortillas.
Place the tortilla in a nonstick pan, over medium high heat.
Top right away with cheese.
Top the whole thing with another tortilla.
When the cheese begins to melt, flip like a pancake.
Heat for about 2 more minutes, or until the cheese is melted completely.
Remove from pan, cut into wedges, and enjoy immediately, with a spoonful of salsa on the side.

You can add some spice to the refried beans, if you like it really hot! Use some red chili sauce (just a few drops) or put some jalapenos slices in the tortilla before topping it with cheese.


Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
813 - 531 - 8379

More Motivation

Hi Everyone!

If you are interested in more motivational articles, visit my blog on typepad at

Also watch out for more articles and motivational tips, as well as some discussions, at my Yahoo Group "Think Well of Food."!

Join in the discussion, introduce yourself, and get more info on an active, motivated lifestyle!

Have a great day!

Claudia Blanton

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trusting Yourself - Practical Techniques

Eating healthy, and thinking well with and about food, has allot to do with thinking well of yourself. Raising your Self-Esteem, and being able to trust yourself - through your inner voice, as well as through your feeling of self-worth - aids you in living a healthy lifestyle, that includes all aspects of you - mind, body, soul.

Here are some techniques for raising your self-worth:

1. Tell yourself the sentence: "(your name), I like you." Practice this in front of the mirror, at least 10 times a day. Do not forget to smile at yourself.

2. In the evening, record things that went well that day for you. Congratulate yourself for any achievements you have made (include being on time, or being kind to someone into this list)

3. If you feel easily overwhelmed, make a note of one thing you want to work on in your life.
For example: " I am going to look directly at people."

4. Write and read affirmations, that are directed toward the issue you are working on.
Related to the above issue, the affirmations I would suggest are:
"I am confident."
"I know my value."
"I approach people with confidence."

5. Begin a list today, that contains all the things that are great about you. Anything, write them down. If you have a problem starting, ask someone who loves you, without criticizing or downplaying what they have to say. Just record what they said.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Food Reviews - New Things to Try Out!

Hi Everyone!

Again, it is time to review some products! As always, these food products fall under the one or more of the following categories:

1. They are considered healthy.
2. They are labeled as healthy in some form on the package
3. They are labeled as whole-grain.
4. They are labeled as organic.

Here are the products:

Triscuit Rosemary and Olive Oil Whole Grain Wheat Crackers
3 1/2 Stars! Okay, they do not have the same texture, then "normal" crackers, it is more in texture like cereal, but the flavor is good. So, if you are adventurous, feel free to try these crackers.

Celestial Seasonings "true blueberry" herbal tea, caffeine free
5 Stars! Yummy! This is a great tea to relax to and wind down with! I love the strong flavor, and it's scent is also delicious. Love it!

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal with real Strawberry
5 Stars! Smells nice, taste great, what is not to love. I like the iron contest 45 % (got a growing daughter at home! Iron is important!) Overall a good thing!

Picksweet Deluxe Steamers Edamame Soybeans in the Shell!
5 Stars! A great snack, or a crunchy addition to a healthy salad, with lots of fiber and in an easy to prepare steam bag, these little things are a stable in my kitchen.

Okay, now you have a few more products to try out! Have fun being adventurous, and step a little outside of your usual "eating box"!

Have a great day!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kitchen Makeover - Part One

Hi Everyone!

All right, time to be truth-full:

How "healthy-living ready" is your kitchen?

What I mean with this is:

1. How cluttered is your kitchen?

2. When is the last time you threw out spices and other things you really did not need or want anymore, but have anyway?

3. How much junk food is in your kitchen? Do you have any space left for healthy foods?

4. Are your drawers filled with gadgets you never use? How about your cabinets?

Why am I asking you this?

Let me elaborate:

- As you know, what you think effects your life greatly. An organized kitchen feels good, may it be by giving you a sense of pride or a feeling of control. The main goal is that it feels good to be in your kitchen for yourself.

- Appreciation and Gratitude (which draws more of what you want toward you), is only possible if you know what you have. You can not be appreciative of a mess, but you can be appreciative of an deliberately, organized kitchen.

- Filling your life with things you do not need, robs you of space and energy. Give this energy away by donating these items to neighbors and friends. You free yourself for things you do need and want.

- It is so much easier to cook in a clean, organized, deliberately chosen kitchen. Make it as convenient as possible for you and your family to cook healthy.

If you need any tips on how to make your kitchen a deliberate co-creation tool, call me at 813 - 531 - 8379 or email me at

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Practical Detachment

Hi Everyone!

I am sharing with you today a free E-Booklet called "Practical Detachment - How to regain emotional control"

Feel free to download and share this booklet by using the following link

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 Ways to Increase Your Vitality!

1. Drink Water!
Everyone, including wellness-gurus, and scientist, coaches and doctors agree, that you need to stay hydrated! There are no more excuses! You want vitality, drink water!

2. Breathe deeply!
Breathing deeply and freely is bringing life force into your body, energizing you, naturally. Practice deep breathing exercises, and mind-body exercises like yoga to expand your lungs, and increase the depth of your breath!

3. Know your goals!
Set your goals, know where you want to go! Knowing what you want, brings the spring into your step, as it gives you something to look forward to, to work for.

4. Be Grateful!
Appreciation and Gratitude are a wonderful opportunity to show you much of an abundance you already have in your life! Feel the complete gratitude and appreciation as you are speaking them, or writing them down. Connect with each idem and experience, that you are grateful for!

5. Smile!
Smiling changes your physiology, it relaxes your face, your shoulders, your chest. It makes you more attractive and it shows your appreciation for life to the world.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keep on going-Quote

"Big shots are only little shots who keep on shooting!"
Christoph Maley

Keep that in mind, the next time you feel like giving up on your dreams. The only difference between you and the person who succeeded, is that the person who made it did not give up, but learned from their mistake, and kept on going!

Keep on going!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More articles on healthy eating!

Hi Everyone!

Ready to read some more tips on healthy eating? Then stop by my Yahoo Group
"Think Well of Food!"

I post new articles daily, inspirational thoughts, and any information I can get my hands on, that pertain to healthy eating, balanced living, and powerful thinking!

See you there!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Product Reviews - Eating Healthy and Enjoying it Too!

Hi Everyone!

Today, I am back to post a few more food product reviews for you!

As always, for the products to be featured here, they have to fall under one or more categories:

> indicate on the package that the product is a healthy choice
> made with whole-grain
> is organic

This week we had a huge Quaker product sale, so here are a few of the products we tried as a result:

Quaker Simple Harvest All Natural Instant Multigrain Cereal:

Apple with Cinamon: 5 Stars! My daughter loves the sutle flavor of this cereal. If you are used to oatmeal, the texture is completly different. The barley, wheat and oat combination is great!

Vanilla, Almond, Honey: 5 Stars! If you like almonds and vanilla, you are in for a treat! Alone the way the cereal smells when it cooks in the microwave is wonderful! My favorite!

Quaker Granola Chocolate Bites
5 Stars!
Okay, at first, when I saw the little round things, I wasn't going to try them, but I am glad, I did! The flavor is really nice chocolaty, and the serving size is perfect.

Quaker Honey Nut Chewy Granola Bars
4 Stars!
While I prefer the Kashi bars, this granola bar is nice. For 90 Calories, this makes a smart snack. Sweet, and has a nice texture! Go for it!

Have fun trying these products!

Have a wonderful day!

For more articles on health related issues, such as emotional eating, visit my new Yahoo Group "Think Well of Food!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year - New Support Groups - New Series

Hi Everyone!

I am exited to announce the beginning of my new program, the "Think Well-Series!"
Through support groups, online courses and individual coaching sessions, I will assist you in reaching your dreams, and deal with the individual stumble blocks on the way!

Introduction my Brand-New Yahoo Groups:

"Think Well of Food"

"Think Well of Yourself"

"Think Well of Wealth"

"Think Well of Forgiveness"

Join the free yahoo support groups, today!

"The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide, that you are not going to stay where you are right now."
Author Unknown

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

What are you drinking today?

Tea, water, diluted fruit juices and in moderation, fresh brewed coffee - not instant - are great choices to go for!

With the immense variety of quality teas available, it is easy to find one or a few teas, that will complement your taste buds.
If you are sensitive to caffeine, stick with decaffeinated green or black teas, or choose herbal teas.

Water might not be your thing, then why not dilute it with 100 % fruit juice!
Straight fruit juice is full of calories and sugars, but diluted fruit juice taste great, and is refreshing! Try your favorite juice with sparkling water!

Do you like coffee like I do?
Fresh brewed coffee contains antioxidants, if you can handle the caffeine. Stay away from instant and flavored varieties as well as flavored creamers, as they add calories and sugars, use skim milk instead!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

Visit my Yahoo Group:
"Think Well of Food"

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Perfection - Quote

"Some of us (perfectionists, exspecially) fuss so much over make the "right" choice, but in life all that is really needed is to make any "good" choice, believe in it, go through with it, and accept the consequences."
Author Unkown

By trying to do everything right, the first time, trying at all becomes a almost impossible step to take. The fear of failing is already in your mind, and if you are thinking about, just like with everything else, you are right. You are setting yourself up for failure, and you haven't even started yet.

Is it really so bad to make a mistake, to take the wrong turn, or the senic route toward your goals? Instead of looking at it from that point of view, enjoy the way, embrace, learn from each step, and allow yourself to mess up!

If you are standing still, fearfull, not making a move toward your dreams, you have failed already. You will be where you are right now, until you change the way you go about your day-to-day.

Is it really so comfortable where you are, that taking a chance and getting rid of the fear of not being perfect, can keep you from growing into the powerful being you can be, and you should be?

Think about it! Then act!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stop Teaching Children Emotional Eating!

Have you ever offered your child or grandchild a piece of candy or chocolate, because and after they've got hurt?

Have you sat down to a talk and cake with your daughter?

Have the words "Eat something, you'll feel better!" been uttered from your mouth, and they were directed toward your children or grandchildren?

Then my question is, how are we surprised that your children are learning to eat emotionally?

It is time to refocus ourselves. We have been teaching generations to view food to become more then it is, then we made up an industry to fix it, and it doesn't work!

Whatever happened to eating because we need to eat to fuel our body, and having conversations to nourish our soul? Both of them NOT at the same time!

Food is fuel and a sensual experience only. Anything else is an addition we have put upon a physical process.

The problem is now, that we have to fix the unhealthy connection between food and emotions, so that we can again free ourselves, and enjoy all of us!

So, to all the parents and caregivers out there:

Stop teaching the next generation emotional eating!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton