Monday, November 26, 2007

Today's Intend

As you set your intend for today, I ask you to include two more actions to your list.

1. Intend to enjoy what you are putting in your mouth
2. Intent to be nice to yourself.

Strange request? I do not think so.
Let me elaborate.

1. Intend to enjoy what you are putting in your mouth.
So many times, we rush, rush to go to work, school, drop of the kids, pick them back up, work, act, do, so we eat on the run.
Okay, I have days where I don't have the time sit down doing nothing, while I am eating, but at least one bite of each meal, I dedicate to myself.
What do I mean with that?
Each meal, I take one bite, and actually take my time to taste it, feel it's consistency, it's flavor. I enjoy the moment, the scent of the food. I am there for that moment, present at my actions. And then I say thanks. (Should I really write again about the importance of DAILY gratitude? Maybe later)
It only takes a second. Be present.

2. Intend to be nice to yourself.
Today, as you think yourself through your reality, and take the actions, you think are necessary, take your time to be nice to yourself. Ban all negative thoughts about yourself out of your head.
If you feel a negative thought coming your way, dismiss it and repeat an affirmation.
Here a few suggestions:

I love myself
I am magnificent
I speak my truth
I am strong

Repeat each sentence 3 to 5 times until you feel it. Let yourself feel good. You are a magnificent powerful being, allow yourself to feel that way.

So today, as you go about your day, I want to remind you of how great you really are.

Have a wonderful day!


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