Thursday, October 18, 2007

Affirmations - Have you used them today?

To affirm, means to put power behind a statement. An affirmation is a statement you probably are making to your self constantly, even if negative.
" I can not do this." Or, "I am fat." are affirmations.
Positive affirmations are useful, power-statements, that are if expressed often enough become a powerful way to create what you want in life.
They are best spoken in present tense, for example:" I am healthy, safe and at ease." or "I am free to be myself"
You can also use them more directed toward material things, such as "I am wealthy."
, "I am living in abundance."

As affirmations are used often, they will turn into believes, truths and manifest themselves into reality. So using them directed toward your goals, they become a fast, cheap, easy and portable way of directing your thoughts toward what is not yet.
Because the wording of an affirmation is so important, I will now give you some tips on how to create your own affirmation:

1. As I already meantioned, use present tense with all affirmations

2. Keep them short. An affirmation such as " I am at ease." is more effective, then a longer " I am relaxed and look calmly toward the future."

3. Start them with " I am..."

4. Use statements that omit the word "want", as you do not want wanting, but whatever your goal or feeling is.

5. Use the affirmations frequently, and everywhere you go. The more often you use them, the faster you will manifest your desire as you stated it.

Peace and Love

Claudia Blanton

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