Saturday, December 1, 2007

Inspiration - What inspires you?

Motivation and Inspiration are, while related quite difference.

Motivation is what keeps you going after the initial spark. It is what carries you through to the next step, even if life through distractions at you.

Inspiration on the other hand, is that spark that ignites the passion. It is what makes you set your intend in the first place, making you take a step toward action.

So, I am asking you today: What inspires you?

Make a list, write it down, and look at it for a moment. Some of those inspirations will come from within, some from outside sources.

Why am I asking you to do this?

Because I want you to look at your list a little closer. Pick one thing, anything of that list, and do that! Go ahead, let yourself get inspired today, to take an action toward change, may it be a change within you or an action that changes a part of your world.

Take a step, get inspired, do something, today.

A life lived full of passion, is a life lived to the fullest.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

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jonbalbo said...

This is a great tool! You are one motivating person! When did you first find out about the Secret?

Maryann Balbo

Claudia Blanton said...

Thank you for your kind comment!The movie the Secret, I discovered when it first came out, and Oprah covered it, but my studies into the human potential started when I had my daughter. While studying about teaching her from birth (I used an infant-learning system - for more info go to and learned about how our possibilities are way beyond what I thought, I began paying more attention, and studied just about everything that had to do with this potential I could get my hands on, from taking a closer look at the Bible then the metaphysical, and the power of thought through what I know now as Law of Attraction. But the interest in motivation was started by watching my Grandmother (I wrote a blog about her today on is my first hero.
Have a blessed day!