Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Have You Planned Your Day Today?

As you are working toward your goals, focusing on manifesting the life of your dreams, it is easy to become sidetracked by the typical day to day activities, that we still have in our lives.
Without a plan, it is easy to loose sight.
So my suggestion to you today is:

Plan your day!

You might be thinking, that you are already doing that, or that this suggestion is slightly over-simplified. My answer to these thoughts is, to look deeper.

Sure, you are planning, when to pick up your clothes from the dry-cleaner, or what to do this weekend - sort of, but are you planning the steps toward your goals?

For example:

Your goal is to loose 30 pounds, and to feel leaner and healthier by the end of the year.

That requires steps, that should be planned into your daily schedule.
Use your appointment book to schedule your exercise time,
Post a detailed menu for the week on your fridge, and make a shopping list, to keep in your purse, so you have everything you need in the house, and are less likely to improvise

You get the idea. Whatever it is that you have as your goal, is more likely to become a reality, if you have spent time focusing on it, by planning out steps how to get there.

That does not mean, that this will be actually the steps you will be taking, or that you will be taking as long on each step as you planned, but it will keep you focused on your goal, the end-result, you are wanting to manifest. While keeping the balance of being flexible to act upon impulses related toward your goals, and staying focused by planning for it, there will be a time, soon, where gratitude for achieving your goals fill your mind, and new ones will have to be planned, reaching, stretching higher, toward your potential of living a life in abundance, health and wellbeing.

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