Thursday, December 27, 2007

How do you think about food?

How do you speak, and think about food?

What is your thought-process,when eating? Take a moment to think about what I just asked you. What thoughts do you associate with eating? What words come out of your mouth, when you talk about food?

The relationship you have with food, with thought and words, has a lot to do, with how you feel about yourself, your body image, your weight and your health.
How you think about food, determines, how you eat, what you eat, how much you eat, and how you will feel while eating.

If you go to your food with an attitude of, it needs to fill you quickly, then the what, that you are putting into your mouth, and the flavor of what you are putting in your mouth is less likely to be of high quality.

If you go toward food, as a comfort, it will play that role, while you will pick anything that raises that serotonin, which is fine in moderation, but only in moderation. You know what I am talking about, the chocolate, the cookies, the other sweets, you seem to not be able to stay away from.

If you go toward food, as a booster of energy, you will pick differently. You will pick the apple, or that smoothie, have a dense plate of whole-wheat pasta with fresh pesto. And it will feel good.

If you go toward food, with gratefulness of every bite, and with joy, you will slow down, enjoy, and savor each meal, satisfaction through slow enjoyment. You will feel relaxed, and choose flavor, scent and an experience as a whole. You will be filled after less bites, because you gave your body time to experience the pleasure of food.

How you look at what you eat, makes a large difference in how you will experience food intake, what you choose, and how you will feel.

So, how would you learn to control that?

Here are some quick tips:

1. Set your intend, before you make the food, or go out to eat.

2. Either eat alone, or around people that relax you, and share a similar approach to food, that you are trying to achieve.

3. Take your time, at least once a day, to really look at what you are eating. Smell the food, look at it, smile at it appreciate it. Slow down.

4. Be truly grateful for each bite. As I already explained, that will slow you down as well, and begin to get you focused on what you are doing. Be truly present.

5. Turn off the distractions. Never, never eat in front of the TV, or while listening to music, or reading a book. If you are dining with someone else, talk about how great the food is, share that experience of being present.

In order to truly become in charge of your eating experience, you must be in control of how you think about the situation. Change begins with a thought, and a set intend, a goal, may it be living healthier or loosing a particular weight. It starts in your head.

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