Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 Ways to Increase Your Vitality!

1. Drink Water!
Everyone, including wellness-gurus, and scientist, coaches and doctors agree, that you need to stay hydrated! There are no more excuses! You want vitality, drink water!

2. Breathe deeply!
Breathing deeply and freely is bringing life force into your body, energizing you, naturally. Practice deep breathing exercises, and mind-body exercises like yoga to expand your lungs, and increase the depth of your breath!

3. Know your goals!
Set your goals, know where you want to go! Knowing what you want, brings the spring into your step, as it gives you something to look forward to, to work for.

4. Be Grateful!
Appreciation and Gratitude are a wonderful opportunity to show you much of an abundance you already have in your life! Feel the complete gratitude and appreciation as you are speaking them, or writing them down. Connect with each idem and experience, that you are grateful for!

5. Smile!
Smiling changes your physiology, it relaxes your face, your shoulders, your chest. It makes you more attractive and it shows your appreciation for life to the world.

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia Blanton

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Aussie Mom said...

great advice...I try to do each of I know everything will come true