Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are You Keeping A Food Diary?

Hi Everyone!

Many people, especially those who are trying to loose weight keep a Journal about what they are eating.

Are you one of them?

I am telling you, that I have never been one to keep track of what I am eating, in detail, as I eat usually a relatively healthy diet, and I am in the range of my ideal weight, but as I hear more and more suggestions to keep track of what you are eating to see what kind of junk we unknowingly add to our body, I took on that challenge.

So, starting tomorrow, I will keep a food journal for a day, just to see how it feels. I will post the results Thursday, right here.

Want to follow along?

You can do so by keeping your own journal just for yourself, or if you are interested in sharing with others, I encourage you to join the "Think Well Of Food" Yahoo Group, where you can post your results to the group.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thinkwelloffood is the link to the group.

Let's see how that works out! I am exited!



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