Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, What Did I Eat Yesterday - Results of Food Diary

Hi Everyone!

Here we are with the results of my keeping a food diary for a day.

This is what I ate ( I deliberately did not censor myself, only recorded)

1/2 banana
1 serving of cream of wheat with milk and a little bit of sugar

1 serving of white beans in tomato sauce with some chicken breast (about a serving)

medium mixed salad (mixed lettuce, tomato, zucchini, onion), light dressing

3 pieces of chocolate

1/2 serving of the white beans from above (leftovers)

2/3 serving of lasagna

1 tomato

1/2 serving of steak-onion-zucchini stir-fry


What is the conclusion of this challenge?
Personal observation, I did not eat allot of complex carbohydrates yesterday.

My general observation was, that while it is tedious to record everything, the awareness that the recording brings, is worth the work. Being aware gives you the opportunity to create balance, that goes for eating as well as everything else in your life. Therefore if you have to use the tool of a food diary to create this awareness, by all rights do so.

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Claudia Blanton

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