Sunday, February 3, 2008

Play with your Food

Hi Everyone!

Sounds like a strange title for a blog.

This is an invitation to do exactly, what we were told not to do, when we were kids: Play with your food.

Okay, I am not talking about having a food fight, what I am talking about is, to get more in touch with what you are eating, by getting more in touch, literally.

Touch your food - feel the texture of the flakes of your (hopefully whole-grain) cereal. Break it, crunch it up, really examine it. You are putting this into your body, don't you think you should know, how it feels like, and what the texture is?

Become familiar with all of your foods, your lunch meat for example. Bend it pull it apart, hold it in your hands, feel it. You can find out lots of things by it's texture, like the fat-content, just by the way it feels, and looks.

When you make a cake, feel the dough, touch the flour with your hands, to break up the clumps before sifting. Can you feel a difference between whole-wheat flour, and regular cake-flour? Find out!

The purpose of this is the following:

1. Too many times we connect so many emotions to how we are eating, that we forget how it feels like to really be present with food. This exercise or game if you will, gets you back in touch with the food, and away from the emotions.

2. You should really think about what you are putting into your mouth. After all it effects you greatly. Then shouldn't you know all about it, at least all that your senses have to offer?

3. Being aware that the rules we are usually taught in childhood about food, are not because they have any merit - expect the one of not talking with your mouth full - but because they were either a convenience for our parents, or they were simply brought forth, because they were taught that way.
This gives you a chance to detach from these rules, and make up your own. After all, it is your life, not that of your family you are living, so why play by their rules still? At the same time, you are giving yourself an opportunity not to pass those rules onto another generation, who is already beginning to struggle with issues relating to food.

Think about it!

Claudia Blanton
Motivational Coach, Fundraiser
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